Show 826: Winter Shades – Eco Sons Etude 2: Ecological Radio Artwork by Sam Erpelding / Dankwart (Radio ARA)


Winter shades – Ecosons Étude II: Ecological Radio Artwork

Director, Field Recordings and Sound Design: Sam Erpelding
Speaker: Katrin (MacBook Pro – British english voice)
Performers: different Soundscapes around Luxembourg
[Pétange, Lasauvage, Prënzebierg, Garnich, Grass, Clemency, Bauschleiden]

In a visually shaped world, little attention is often paid to the acoustic environment. However, hearing is a vital sense that serves not only for recognition, categorization, monitoring, and surviving, but also for the perception of sound-aesthetic phenomena and eco-sensitive obstacles
in real space. Thus, with the help of sound art, abstractions can be guided into real space and certain focal points can be reformulated from the real to the abstract world.
With the help of a directional and a contact microphone, various soundscapes in south- and northwestern Luxembourg were recorded in December 2020 and January 2021, and the sound signature unique to each location was crystallized. In essence, it seeks to examine the correlation between biodiversity quality and soundscape quality, as well as to highlight the essential characteristics of naturally left and human-modified spaces. In this way, the listener is left to draw his or her own conclusions and is thus made to think and listen.
Sam Erpelding is a sound-artist and sound-engineer based in Luxembourg and in Vienna. He studied computermusic, digital media technologies and sound-engineering in Austria. Under the pseudonym ´Dankwart`, Sam produces electroacoustic and electronic music as well as radio-art.
His compositions are based on soundscape research, field recordings, and computermusic strategies.

Show 825: Into the Gray forest – L’Impero della Luce (Usmaradio)

Artist: L’Impero della Luce
Submitted soundwork: Into the Gray forest

L’Impero della Luce / The Empire of Light is an Italian experimental music duo that explores the sounds of electric current by using the technique of electromagnetic induction. This particular approach to music allows the listener to get closer to the sound of the electron, the physical and historical source of electronic music.
“Il Mare di Dirac ” / The Dirac Sea (2020) is their first album.
From 2020, L’Impero della Luce is part of Key Change  European Project and endorser of SOMA Laboratory.
L’Impero della Luce is: Johann Merrich and eeviac.

Into the Gray forest
This oniric improvisation​ was recorded in 2018 and published in July 2020 by Obsolete Capitalism and Stefano Oliva as supplement of ​La Deleuziana​: Rhythm, Chaos and Nonpulsed Man magazine (10th volume celebration).

Usmaradio – Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia (CRIR) / Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radio Studies, a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project. Produced by UNIRSM | Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino. / /

Show 824: Hunger for Justice (radioart106)

An Interview with Palestinian activist Maher alAkhras recorded on November 12, 2020.
He reflects upon his 103 day hunger strike.
Voice-Over and assistance: Liam Evans
Interpreter: Samia Nasser
Translation: Dareen Tatour and Samia Nasser
Graphic design: David Oppenheim
Produced and moderated by Meira Asher
Thanks: Tagreedd alAkhras, Ahlam Haddad, my fellow activists who vocalised their solidarity in the struggle.

Show 823: Parahronos by Manoli Moriaty for diffusionfm91.9

Time in isolation has turned into an amorphous mass. Repetitive housebound activities render even the most well-organised of us struggling to keep track of time. Desperately seeking to extract an iota of excitement, mundane occurrences are seen in new light. With a pair of Cageian ears and through the assistance of trusty intoxicants, the busy street by the window turns into a clamorous symphony; each vehicle becomes a distinct instrument, with their different tyres, transmissions, and powertrains inducing unique timbres within this accidental composition.

Parahrono is part artistic expression, part reassurance; as long as vehicles are passing through, the world is yet to collapse. Focusing on the sound, the mind plays its usual tricks. Time becomes distorted; rhythms gallop alike drunken louts, textures intertwine in their frantic pursuit for attachment. The mundane becomes superb, and vice versa. Queens Drive in Childwall was recorded through the windows of a ground floor flat, the composer’s own isolated bubble. A pair of condenser microphones are poking through the blinds, and another pair of contacts attached to the glass, itself now a resonator, victim to the violent gusts of air blown by the passing vehicles. As long as vehicles are passing through, the world is yet to collapse.