Show 764: Space – We – Space. A binaural SoundWalk Composition (Radio Corax)

Space – We – Space. A binaural SoundWalk Composition

The city is music. Daily sounds become extraordinary by a shift in perspective. Just get a little bit closer. Objects speaking. Resonance is anywhere. Listen. Let go. Drift. And find a wonderful, creepy, and ensouled world in the hidden sounds.

This binaural field recording composition is based on a sound walk by Geräuschkulisse that took place on November 10, 2019, during Seanaps Festival for transdisciplinary music in Leipzig. The workshop explored the daily and hidden sounds of a post-industrial area close to an old train station that is now frequented for free-time activities. The composition is the result of a live on air experiment in the temporary online radio station of the festival. While Lena Löhr and Martina Weber were leading the 15 participants of the sound walk, Carina Pesch was wandering around as a microphone on two legs. Via streaming box she sent her collected sound treasures live to the studio where JD Zazie was sitting, modulating and composing in real time before airing the live composition. The original was a two hours radio show. The recordings were done using a set of binaural mics and a contact mic. All edited to half an hour of intensive listening, best with headphones.

Sound walk composition: Carina Pesch
Workshop led by Lena Löhr & Martina Weber
Live sound recordings: Carina Pesch
Other sound recordings: JD Zazie, Carina Pesch
Live composition: JD Zazie
Postproduction & composition: Carina Pesch
Production management: Tina Klatte / Radio CORAX
Photo: Leon Seidel
Production: GERÄUSCHKULISSE & Seanaps 2019

Long version: