Show 750: enttäuschungen (disappointments) (Guest Slot: Radiofabrik)

by Peter Haas for Radiofabrik

Well – expectations of radio (seeing something?) and expectations of the arts (something beautiful?) and disappointments, respectively: such tight packages of overlays (the findings and the collected flotsam) so that it’s not that easy anymore….

But always those voices and these sounds and then something’s saying something….

From times when it was hard for an amateur to tinker with good mixtapes, an addiction salvaged into times where they’re easy to make, but hard to curb….

Peter Haas is an amateur in many fields

Fallen into this transmission where the voices of Ivor Cutler, Sabine Gizelt, Birgit Sattlecker, Richard Tuttle, forced entertainment, Johan Simons, Robert Gernhardt, Erik Hable, Meese, Hillary Clinton, my own, and so on.

Music by Ivor Cutler, Clemens Band Denk, Karine Polwart, 8orror, FSK, Robert Wyatt, The International Nothing, and so on.

With support by Peter Wetzelsberger, A, Didi Neidhart, Hans Pollhammer.

Missing (but maybe next time): Thomas Hirschorn, Gerhard Spring, Endo Anaconda, Ed and you.