Show 561: ‘Balfron Tower’ by The Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts for Resonance FM

Poplar, East London: Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower hums. Melanie Clifford & Howard Jacques are two of the artists living and working there with Bow Arts, while the tower awaits renovation. For this 28 minute portrait they recorded and played back on various devices sounds from within the building: the humming of the enormous, ancient heating system; the lifts; radios in the basement; playing marbles in the stairwell and sounds from outside: the derelict playground at the base of the tower; kicking a football; stroking the concrete. The piece is constructed from live improvisational play: all sounds are field recordings played at varying speeds.

Testing sounds and ideas within and without the broadcast studio: The Bermuda Triangle Test TransmissionBroadcasts is a weekly radio programme made by sound artists HowardJacques & Melanie Clifford with collaborators. Broadcast live on London’s radio arts station Resonance 104.4FM & online Thursdays 23.00 – 00.00 GMT. Each programme is a unique improvisation, constructed live. Recent broadcasts archived here:


Show 560: Un-public by Rébus & Har$, Kanal 103 Skopje

radia Show 560One nice and warm November night, several days before the so called Paris terrorist attack, several streets away where it happened, several artists were recording the 23rd Un-public session at La Générale Nord-Est. Un-public is a project started by Harold Schellinx and Emmanuel Rebus, with intention to invite international artists joining the ad hoc sessions in order to make recordings using almost everything as an instrument and with no audience. This session there was a lots of feedback and sneezing too. And the rest is history…
Participants at the 23rd Un-public were: Dimitrov, Chi, Zhang, Lambeski, Rébus & Har$
Place and date: La Générale Nord-Est, PARIS, 8 NOVEMBER 2015

Un-public Sunday evening session on November 8th 2015 at La Générale Nord-Est, avenue Parmentier, Paris XI. With Toni Dimitrov (Zoom recorder, feedback), Po-Hao Chi (electronics), Manli Zhang (toy piano, bells, things), Jovan Lambeski (voice, toy piano, mandoline, things), E_Rébus (toy piano, intratonal metallophone, dictaphones, electronics, bells, things) & Har$ (Korg MS20, Sharp RD 303 reel-to-reel recorder, intratonal metallophone, dictaphones, things)

Show 559: “I promise not to feed back in love again” by Mestre André & Paulo Raposo, Radio Zero, PT


Mestre André: cassete feedback
Paulo Raposo: cassetes, field-recordings and assorted sinewaves

André G Pinto Aka Mestre André:
MA in Musical Arts at New University of Lisbon with a research visit to SFU Burnaby, supervised by Barry Truax. BA in Sound Arts and Design (First Class Honours) at University of Arts London.
Explored rupture aesthetics and theorised on the ‘social and political aesthetics of art and noise’ (“The Territory from Chaos to Noise”, Pinto, A., 2012). Now involved with ecological thinking of the arts practice and aesthetic relationships with the natural and non-natural environments. André has developed work as a Sound Artist, Field-Recordist, Performer, Installation Artist, Free Improviser, Composer and Sound Designer, doing live Sound Design for movies and theatre plays, sound installations and automated/interactive live concerts, amongst other things…
He is a member of the band Älforjs and the ensemble Tratado de Cardew, which has been performing Cardew’s score: Treatise.
Currently his work develops around deep listening as an ecological approach towards sound and music. As a composer he explores the ‘grief of incommunicability’ that exists in the attempt of exchange/comprehension/ communication between the human and humanised world/perception and what exceeds it, developing methods to somehow recreate or relate to the natural environment through the means of sound mapping and sound making.

Show 558: “The Curiosity Overcomes You” by Alice Armstrong, Soundart Radio, Devon, UK

The curiosity overcomes you.

An audio exploration into learning the ancient skill of flint knapping.

Led by our ears & intuition we listen into the echoes of a shared material past.flint_knapping

“What we’ve learn’t and what we’ve found,

What we know and what we are,

And where we’re from

….you can hear what it’s made of.”

Alice Armstrong & Ben Fielding.