Show 538: Connect and let go – Reni Hofmüller (Radio Helsinki)

Connect and let go

Reni Hofmüller, 2015

Water molecules enter emphere connections among themselves, let go, connect again and let go… water also connects to a lot of other substances/elements. And lets go again.

And so, water can be huge, a river, a lake, an ocean, and also tiny, a drop, a particle of a cell. It can be peaceful and quiet, or wild, rough and destructive. It can connect with nutrients just the same as with poison. Some researchers assume that water has memory – which could explain homeopathy. Others dont call it memory because that would imply conciousness, but they speak of resonances. They explain the uniquness of each snowflake as a result of a combination of frequences that the water molecule was exposed to while freezing. In any case water sounds differently deqending on how much of it moves at the same time, and on which ground it moves, be that the creek bed, the bouncing rain drop, the junction of a river into a lake, the sound of the sea, or the cracking of melting ice in water, above or under ground.

For the Poolloop Festival Zürich 2015, Reni and Jogi Hofmüller went on a sound research trip through the water world of Zurich – inflows and drains, canal and dewatering systems, drinking water and sewage plant, usage of tab and bottled water, from the microscopically small segment of a rain puddle to the bubbling of the Limmat to the shallow waters of Zürichsee and into the air, where all water goes, attracted by the sun and then let go. Connect and let go.


Reni Hofmüller, Graz

DIY Künstlerin, Musikerin, Komponistin, Performerin, Organisatorin, Kuratorin und Aktivistin im Bereich (Neuer) Medien, Technologie, Feminismus und Politik, Beschäftigung mit Freier Software und Open Hardware, Installationen, Performances, Solo und kollektive Arbeiten.

Jogi Hofmüller, Graz

Lives and works in Graz/Austria. Currently working for ­ Verein zur Förderung von Netzwerkkunst. Married to Reni Hofmüller. Co­founder of Radio Helsinki and Member of 42 (artist group, media art). Running Plagiat and institut hofos together with Reni Hofmüller. Artistic work in different media. Freelance work as IT Consultant/Technician. Student of Computer Science at Graz University of Technology: October 2008 ­- present

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