Show 526: Videofreex (Wave Farm/WGXC)

Listen to the story of the Videofreex, from some of the original members of the video collective that began in the late 1960s in New York City. After meeting at Woodstock, the video art group was hired by CBS to do “60 Minutes”-meets-“Saturday Night Live” show that gets one pilot made. After that pilot, several CBS executives are fired. But Abbie Hoffman hires members of the group to write the pirate broadcasting chapter in “Steal This Book” and pays them with video transmission equipment. So the Videofreex head upstate to Greene County and start Lanesville TV, what might be America’s first pirate television station. Interviews are excerpted here from many sources: Skip Blumberg and Parry Teasdale speak at a recent Dorsky Museum talk about the group, broadcast by Wave Farm Radio. Jon Nealon, the filmmaker at the helm of the just-released documentary, “Here Come the Videofreex!” is also interviewed here, as is Andrew Ingall, the curator of the show about the group that is at the Dorsky Museum through July 2015. Videofreex are represented by Video Data Bank in Chicago.

Show 525: Interstellar Sounds (TEA FM)

“Interstellar Sounds” is an experimental sound work where we can hear all together sound from outer space, NASA historical archives and many other sounds and natural radio broadcasts from far stars.
It’s better to hear it with earphones and with closed eyes to rise all the details of this work.
The masterline of this radio work is the sentence “We aren’t travel in the space alone”
At the same time, humans usually think they are the center of the universe and they are seeking and searching another life outside Earth, maybe to learn from them, but why not human race could be looking for life outside to feel like a superior race.
A sound project produced by Chuse Fernandez for TEA FM Radio Workshop
Cuan o espazio suena/Interstellar Sounds ye un triballo esperimental an s’achuntan sons de l’espazio esterior, grabazions istoricas d’a NASA e atros sonius y emisions de radio d’as estrelas lexanas.
Cal ascuitar-ne con auriculars y con os guellos zarraus ta plegar a l’intenzión d’o triballo.
Que no semos solencos en a inmensidá d’o espacio ye una cosa platera de raso.
Alabéz, os umanos mos pensamos que semos o melico d’a galasia y amás amás escamos y rechiramos arredol de nusatros atrás formas de bida, puestar que ta aprender d’atrás culturas pero también puestar que rechiremos ta beyernos como sers alteros y superiors.