Show 521: Improv Breakfast by Joni Erika Smith (Radio Corax)

In this year 2015 is the 300 year anniversary of the birth of German Baroque Composer Georg Friedrich Händel, born 23 February, 1685 in Halle (Saale), Germany. And it is the 100 year anniversary of the death of Russian Pianist and Composer, Alexander Nikolajewitsch Skrjabin and also, on March 8 – celebrated around the world every year – International Woman`s Day. With this in mind, two members of a folk, pop Indie band, an actress and classical pianist student talk about „Art“, Music, the World and their place in it. Improv Breakfast is a conversation in three parts which developed naturally through an organic interview (process). If it can be said that: Art is where the line is always searching, then somewhere that line will bend – there will be overlap (of ideas, expressions). The interviewees are not in the same room at the same time, but they sometimes end up at the same place. The subjects are at once the interviewed and interviewer. The three sensory and tactile stories unfold and come together gradually and grow organically to somehow form a new story. Each of the interviewed say they forgot they were in an interview. The listener will hear with all the senses. And the current that runs through it all is breakfast of course! – where many good conversations begin.

Special Thanks to: Ralf Wendt, Nico and the Radio Corax Team!
By: Joni Erika Smith
Station: Radio Corax, (Halle, Saale – Germany)
Length: 28 min.
Words and Music
Abel Camargo Neves da Cunha
Anna-Karolina Schiela
Radio Los Santos (Sebastian Caspar -violin, Lukas Schroll -guitar)


Additional Info:
Language: English/German
Includes radia jingles (in/out)