Show 461: NRRF B Radio presents: Voyage to the Forbidden Planet

NRRF is a collaborative effort to make unlicensed neighborhood radio art. For the B Radio iteration, the core group of noisemakers consists of Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Steve Germana, Jeff Kolar, Peter Speer, with Sarah Knudtson (documentation and props wrangling).

B Radio is a series of long-form radio shows mashing b-list genres with radio art. Each B Radio episode features a theme to structure the improvisational nature of the shows, though tangents are frequent and encouraged. It’s live radio, streamed, with special guests and live audience.

Recorded from a live pirate and translocal radio session at the Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago) and Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art (Toronto) on May 3, 2013.

Show 460: Hotel Europa for Kanal103

Evropa (Europe) was the main hotel in Oteshevo tourist complex, built around 90s at the end of the socialist era. Rated 5 stars, it was one of the most luxurious hotels in former Yugoslavia and was promising that this region will continue to attract tourists from all over the world. Sadly after just couple of years the circumstances (crushing of the socialist system, corrupted privatization process…) led to closure of the entire complex and today it is just a ghost town. This place brings old memories to lots of people who remember the time when Oteshevo was a big tourist attraction.

A sound recordist, a singer and a photographer gathered and entered this haunted building with an intention. They were capturing photographs and the sound of the space and the surrounding. Did recordings of the beautiful voice of Genoveva singing, catching the natural reverb of the large halls, but also the sound of the huge broken windows scattered around the floors. This is a picture of the atmosphere of that abandoned hotel, corresponding with the current atmosphere of the land with the same name. Close your eyes and try to feel the energy of the environment and the crush of the civilization of the new era.

vocals: Genoveva Kachurkova
photos: Petar Petkovski
sound/concept/editing: Toni Dimitrov

Show 459: Diana Combo | Stone, flax and tears | from RadioZero

Pedra, linho e lágrimas (Stone, flax and tears)

It’s an edit made with recordings from the series ‘O Povo que Canta’, directed by Michel Giacometti, that i used for a gig at Associação Recreativa Amigos do Minho, in Lisbon.

The title makes reference to the context of the recordings, all made in places of the Minho region, in the north of Portugal: workers in a quarry, women scutching the flax and a mourner (carpideira).

This piece includes the live recording of a performance by me and Nuno da Luz for the opening of his work ‘Laissez Vibrer’, in Vila do Conde. Together we played a version of James Tenney ‘Having never written a note for percussion’ adapted to cymbals, accompanying a recording of wind.

Diana Combo has a degree in Sound and Image and has been working solo or in collaboration since then, exploring various possibilities for action in the field of sound.

She taught Sound Arts at ESAD in Caldas da Rainha and participated in several workshops, this resulting in the expansion of the practice to other areas, such as the construction of electronic instruments and the exploration of interactive software.

Her performative work includes a project using vinyl records and improvised concerts with Andrea Neumann, João Martins, Ana Veloso, Liz Allbee, Antoine Chessex, Mário Costa, Werner Dafeldecker, Eduardo Raon, Nate Wooley and many others.

Last summer she was resident at Ausland, in Berlin, where she developed a work between performance and sculpture – a visual work that reflects on the sound experience. Currently she is a student of the Master of Musical Arts.