Show 441: Postcards from Italy by Gianmarco Del Re (for Radio Papesse)

Taking cue from Gianmarco Del Re’s column on Fluid Radio, which profiles the most interesting sound artists and musicians currently operating within the Italian electroacoustic scene, musicians Giulio Aldinucci and Attilio Novellino have launched the Postcard from Italy project.
They invited the Aips collective artists to take parte in the project asking them to take field recordings in their own respective cities and areas, which were then redistributed amongst the group on an anonymous basis in order to be reworked and processed.
The resulting sounds ended up being a multifaceted sonic snapshot of the Italian peninsula, articulated into an album to be released this September, a live event that took place in London July21st, 2013 at Café OTO and an installation at SoundFjord.

This Radia Show was then produced by the original inspirator of the whole project, Gianmarco Del Re. He assembled fragments of the compositions included the Aips album, mixed them together with the original field recordings, excerpts from the installation sounds and recordings form the live shows of the Aips collective at CaféOTO and Power Lunches.
The result is a 28minutes compendium of processed sketches from Italy.

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