Show 422: for Stanley favoured by dust, by Lisa Aalders (CFRC)

On this edition of Radia, CFRC proudly presents:
Kingston (Ontario, Canada) based artist / radio enthusiast
Lisa Aalders and her
experiments in guitar playing
Inspired by youthful angst, dead pets and long fingernails
Forgotten guitars of adolescence and a dusty kalimba are her tools
Recorded in her old bedroom
(listen for those background sounds of domesticity)
The approach is intimate.
The sound is coaxed out, squeezed out
Ripped out
It is ultimately the (clumsy) process of finding these sounds that is revealed
to the listener.

Show 421: Taiwan Old-New Times, by Johnny Chang

radia season 30, show #421 (radio one 91FM. dunedin, new zealand), playing from april 22 to april 29, 2013.

Taiwan Old-New Times

by Johnny Chang

In the gentlest and least signposted of ‘city symphonies’, albeit one which transfigures the field recording toward the overheard musicality of the everyday, Berlin based composer Johnny Chang takes us on an extended soundwalk around the changed urbanscape of his Taiwan childhood. As Johnny says of the piece:

“Field recordings captured in Taiwan, from immediate vicinity of childhood home in the city to the countryside.

(in order of appearance) :

Street market vendors chatter and canned pop music punctuate.

Traffic sounds originate from the intersection directly at the corner of my family home – pretty much a constant background sound.

Ebb and flow of Kaohsiung city.

Repetition of life – signified by various type of drones surrounding us.”

Johnny Chang

Berlin-based composer-performer Johnny Chang engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/silence and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition, performance and listening.  Johnny is part of the Wandelweiser composers collective, and works with: Antoine Beuger, Lucio Capece, Jamie Drouin, Jürg Frey, Christian Kesten, Hannes Lingens, Radu Malfatti, Koen Nutters, Morten J Olsen, Michael Pisaro, Derek Shirley, Stefan Thut. His articulated performances have been featured in festivals, residencies and experimental music series in both Europe, North America and New Zealand, from Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), ReiheM (Cologne), Wandelweiser Klangraum Series (Düsseldorf), Hörbar (Hamburg), Klang im Turm (Munich), The Wulf (Los Angeles), Q-O2 workspace (Brussels), Loop-Line (Tokyo), Umlaut festival (Berlin&Paris) to various experimental music series/venues in Berlin such as Ausland, Labor Sonor, Quiet Cue, NK, West Germany. Since November 2010, Johnny Chang and Koen Nutters have co-curated Konzert Minimal presenting performances and events centered around the music of the Wandelweiser group.

Show 419: CKUT : Montreal Tape Run

The Montréal Tape Run was a project spearheaded by crustacés tapes in collaboration with Berlin’s Staaltape, whose Berlin Tape Run series inspired the Montréal version. A cassette tape circulated from hand to hand across the island of Montréal in September 2013. 10 individuals were involved. Each runner received the tape, recorded a few minutes of sound on it, and transferred it to the next runner. This edition of Radia features 8 of the 10

pieces of sound off the Montréal Tape Run:

1- Magali Babin : Archives 1989-99   – tape recorders : 1 realistic, 1 talkboy deluxe, 3 general electric, 1 répondeur radio shack. start 1 après l’autre. durée de la pièce. stop 1 après l’autre.

2- Alain Lefebvre : piece for crustacés tapes 2012    –  tape deck output, pedals, tapedeck input (window)

3-Hélène Prévost : Crayon Maçon    – un mic live dans mon studio à partir de 2 enregistrements (field recordings) et une action live. démolition d’un mur intérieur, 2 tailleurs de pierre à l”extérieur, moi aiguisant un crayon.

4- anne-f jacques : bialetti express  –  enregistreuses, ruban en boucle, besoin d’un café

5- martin tétrault : à rebours, voyager 1      – source: “message from earth”, “sounds from earth” 1 disque en or 12″ installé dans le sonde voyager 1.  méthode : montage audionumérique transfert sur machine à cassette califone 4530

5-donna silicon : rainbow banana

6-grkzgl : villeray, sauce western (prise 4)bo^tie à ressorts, fuzz, égalisateurs, etc

7-n tobin : tape worm

Copies of the Montréal Tape Run are available through crustacés tapes in exchange for a postcard or a present sent to: 4555 rue Pontiac Montrea, Québec H2J 2T2


radia season 30 – show #418 (radio x) – FUER GIESELA
– playing from april 1 to april 7, 2013 –


listen. closely. fall in love with the ants hurrying over the ground. the wind. and the rain. the sounds. and their own music. that is everywhere. full of memories. of the past. of the present. and the future.
yes: this is a love song. perhaps not the one you’ve expected. but then: listen. again. closely. to the sounds. and their own music. that is everywhere.

and giesela? who knows. she might be out there. im gruenen. les hommes n’en sauront rien…

is an artist mainly working in the field of sound art, acoustic ecology and related interdisciplinary research, including cooperations with other artists as well
as scientist. He is also the co-founder of GRUENREKORDER, an outstanding label for phonography, sound art and field recordings.
Find out more about his projects at
and about GRUENREKORDER at

great many thanks to LASSE-MARC RIEK for FUER GIESELA!

radia production: miss.gunst [GUNST + radiator x]
production date: march 2013
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min.
licence: cc-by-nc-nd Lasse-Marc Riek + radiator x – –

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro (english)

radio x & radiator x: –
GUNSTradio & radiator x: –

verena kuni (cc-by-nc-sa)