Show 410: by OS for Radio Zero, Lisbon

Os: for percussion on 24 tuned suspended mirrors, recorded voice, alto saxophone, cello, cymbals and electronics.

A series of letters that come from a far away place and time. The narrator describes his research voyage on a planet with strange geological formations: The Cones. Alone, he writes this letters to W and keeps us aware of his mental deflections induced by the odd landscape.

Using parts of this text PARQUE presented a concert-installation at Culturgest, Lisbon in 2008.

Nuno Torres: alto saxophone
Ricardo Jacinto: cello and percussion
Nuno Morão: percussion/melodica
João Pinheiro: percussion/vibraphone
Dino Récio: percussion
André Sier: electronics
Murray Todd: voice

Text (Excerpts from “The Left Hand”, 2006) by Hugo Brito.

Recording: Pedro Magalhães
Mixing: Pedro Magalhães and Ricardo Jacinto (Golden Poney Studios)
Mastering: Rafael Toral

Radio Zero coordination: Paulo Raposo

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