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Show 413: Native by Renata Roman for Resonance FM

At a time when we witnessed the worsening situation of Brazilian Indians in various parts of the country due to economic interests it is fair hear them: the simplicity of the dialogue, the reflection of the thinker, the letter from … Continue reading

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Show 412: Fresh Air by The Dublin Laptop Orchestra

Fresh Air is a large-scale sound art piece curated and created by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra. The piece was written to address the sad truth that many common, household and automobile air-fresheners are heavily carcinogenic. The fact that people are … Continue reading

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Show 411: Promaja by Beatrice André for Kanal103, Skopje

On the path of a word / Promaja The draft, is not a draft in the Balkans. This sound is a search, a search made as a draft, a draft running from language to language, from country to country, slapping … Continue reading

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Show 410: by OS for Radio Zero, Lisbon

Os: for percussion on 24 tuned suspended mirrors, recorded voice, alto saxophone, cello, cymbals and electronics. A series of letters that come from a far away place and time. The narrator describes his research voyage on a planet with strange geological formations: The … Continue reading

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