Show 391: Tour de Radia by Mobile Radio

The Tour de Radia consists of 22 one-minute-long excerpts of previous Radia shows, one from each of the current member stations that has contributed to the network so far. This choice was made and presented by Mobile Radio at the SONOR festival in Nantes, France in May 2012.

1. Soundart Radio, Dartington, UK (2007)
Show no 102: Floors We Have Known by Lucinda Guy and Alexander Paterson

2. Radio Grenouille, Marseille, France (2006)
Show no 113: Relax! (we are a democracy) by Floriane Pochon and Etienne Noiseau

3. Radio Campus, Brussels, Belgium (2005)
Show no 131: la femme sans visage by Clément Laloy

4. free103point9 WGXC 90.7-FM, New York, USA (2006)
Show no 170: Radio Wonderland by Joshua Fried

5. Radio X, Frankfurt, Germany (2008)
Show no 172: sechzehn kleine noise etüden by stefan beck

6. Radio Panik, Brussels, Belgium (2007)
Show no 182: Rumors of the green room staircase by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan

7. Orange 94.0, Vienna, Austria (2005)
Show no 183: fantasia en echo | they also serve who only stand and wait by Gina Mattiello und Pia Palme

8. XL Air, Brussels, Belgium (2008)
Show no 196: Bouquet Of Radio Students Work: Jeroen Uyttendaele

9. Radio Corax, Halle, Germany (2007)
Show no 200: yr byt by IT (Johannes Krause and Claus Störmer)

10., Berlin, Germany (2005)
Show no 203: Eurodance – getting the facts straight by DJ Officer, Officer

11. CKUT, Montreal, Canada (2008)
Show no 216: CKUT’s Radia collective

12. Rádio Zero, Lisbon, Portugal (2005)
Show no 266: two factories by Carlos Santos & Paulo Raposo

13. Resonance104.4fm, London, UK (2005)
Show no 268: The Transmission by r.t. bhoustard

14. Kanal 103, Skopje, Macedonia (2005)
Show no 286: Personal Number Station By Disphilharmonia Sounds

15. Radio Papesse, Siena, Italy (2010)
Show no 328: LA RADIO A PEDALI by Alessio Ballerini

16. Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria (2010)
Show no 335: Castration Radia by Slobodan Kajkut

17. Radio One 91 FM, Dunedin, New Zealand (2009)
Show no 352: Empire(s) by Luke Munn

18. CFRC, Kingston, Canada (2009)
Show no 353: Suono Fuga by Annie Dunsford

19. Radio WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2010)
Show no 356: CROATAN N17 by Lucas Crane & Angela Moore

20. Escuela Creativa de Radio TEA FM, Zaragoza, Spain (2011)
Show no 358: Oramic Radio Sounds by TEA FM

21. Radio Student, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2012)
Show no 360: Kunst und Brot – Salon des Refusés 2012/1 by Cirkulacija 2

22. Curious Broadcast, Dublin, Ireland (2012)
Show no 366: ATC Mix by John Gough

Soon the host of the SONOR festival Jet FM in Nantes will start to contribute to Radia.