Show 364: suite 106 by Gonçalo Alegria

suite 106

This piece is made in a specific environment, in an hotel room, with a set
of actions, being in a place and enjoying its monotonous nature. Hotel
rooms are not about being productive, they are made to numb you and force
you to rest. Because I travel a lot, and spending time alone inside this
type of rooms and out of boringness I started playing with it. The room
itself becomes something new, something that I can relate to. This kind of
set up consists of working with what you have available with you, for an
invisible performance where you play with sound and situation. Materials
used: double-bass bow, paper tape, bathroom, exhauster, glass, mineral
water, effervescent aspirin, tv set, shower doors, digital recorder Tascam
DR-100, headphones, water tap, ac unit, room phone and mobile phone.
The same kind of thing can be done inside the train toilet, but it is
riskier to set the recording gear and perform at the same time.

(Gonçalo Alegria was invited by Rádio Zero to produce Radia show #364)

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