Show 365: Kanal 103: 20 years of freedom!

Last year Kanal 103 celebrated 20 years of its first broadcast. Kanal 103 is important (terrestrial) radio station that determined the underground scene and the open mindedness in Skopje and beyond. Kanal 103 is the only non-commercial radio station in Macedonia with cult following among the audience. Transmitting since 1991, it’s promoting avant-garde music and ideas, and is responsible for the most important cultural transformations in the region. During its existence there were produced lots of jingles, radio pieces and short radio dramas with strong ideological and anti-state edge. In this honor we produced this audio collage as a homage to this past 20 years of independence, surfing through the history of the audio production. Kanal 103 – 20 years of freedom!

“The listener would recognise the programme because nobody else in Skopje plays music from Frank Zappa to post-rock and from Kraftwerk to modern techno.” prof. Rajko Muršič (University of Ljubljana)

“I think the radio station is one of my favouite places in the world, like a small satellite floating in space, beaming out joy from cold labyrinths of madness.” Daniel Potter (The White Funz)

Show 364: suite 106 by Gonçalo Alegria

suite 106

This piece is made in a specific environment, in an hotel room, with a set
of actions, being in a place and enjoying its monotonous nature. Hotel
rooms are not about being productive, they are made to numb you and force
you to rest. Because I travel a lot, and spending time alone inside this
type of rooms and out of boringness I started playing with it. The room
itself becomes something new, something that I can relate to. This kind of
set up consists of working with what you have available with you, for an
invisible performance where you play with sound and situation. Materials
used: double-bass bow, paper tape, bathroom, exhauster, glass, mineral
water, effervescent aspirin, tv set, shower doors, digital recorder Tascam
DR-100, headphones, water tap, ac unit, room phone and mobile phone.
The same kind of thing can be done inside the train toilet, but it is
riskier to set the recording gear and perform at the same time.

(Gonçalo Alegria was invited by Rádio Zero to produce Radia show #364)

Show 363: Reflections on Floating Messages: conversations and music with Annie Gosfield

New York based composer Annie Gosfiled visited Dartington last November for a week long residency to develop her new work, Floating Messages and Fading Frequencies, based on the secret radio transmissions between British Intelligence and the Resistance movements in the Second World War.

This show for Radia features extracts of the concert performances of Floating Messages and Fading Frequencies and EWA7, and interviews with Annie Gosfield at Soundart Radio, with music performed by the Athelas Sinfonietta (Denmark), and the Annie Gosfield Trio, touring in the UK in November, 2011. Floaing Messages and Fading Frequencies was produced by 3rd Ear productions, with the Arts at Dartington. Radio edit produced by Lucinda Guy, Chris Booth and Ariane Delaunois

Annie Gosfield lives in New York City and divides her time between performing on piano and sampler with her own group and composing for many ensembles and soloists. Her work often explores the inherent beauty of non–musical sounds, and is inspired by diverse sources such as machines, destroyed pianos, warped 78 records, and detuned radios. She uses traditional notation, improvisation, and extended techniques to create a sound world that eliminates the boundaries between music and noise, while emphasizing the unique qualities of each performer. A 2012 fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, and the recipient of the 2008 Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ prestigious “Grants to Artists” award, Gosfield’s essays on composition have been published by the New York Times and featured in the book “Arcana II”. Active as an educator, she has taught composition at Princeton University, Mills College, and California Institute of the Arts.

Show 362: “Le Voyage Loin” by Meryll Hardt (Radio Campus Bruxelles)

Meryll Hardt is a pluridisciplinary artist living in Bruxelles.
Radio Campus had recently offered her a carte blanche. “Le Voyage Loin” is her first act in radio.
In a few short radio plays, she brought us a sound drift through her world.

– Anvers exotique (soundscape)
– A life on the Ocean Waves
– Etoile Morte
– Fascination
– Lichtspiel
– La dérive d’Ophelia
– Genetic Catwalk

All compositions by Meryll Hardt, except “A life on the Ocean waves” (Henry Russell, 1833) and “Fascination” (Marquetti, 1932)
All productions by Meryll Hardt, except “Fascination”, played by Joe Loss and his Orchestra, lyrics and interpretation from Meryll Hardt.

Meryll Hardt
Following her performance works about paid holidays shot in the Center for Legal Holidays in Brussels, Meryll Hardt gives here a sonic following to her reflexion on exotica and foreigness.

Meryll Hardt is a multitalented artist, inspired by Brecht distanciation, Dada performances and slapstick cinema.

She defines herself as a fluid, whose energy collapses with any moving medium.
Fake harmony, predictable confusion, falling and laughing are her connexion to a larger thinking on art itself.

When an egg cutter becomes a gamelan, when the docks of Antwerp sound like africa, Meryll Hardt is travelling for us. Far away, so close.

She studied at L’ERG in Brussels, can be found at the prix Mediatine, and recorded a sonn-to-be-released 7″ for Felix Kubin’s label, Gagarin.