Show 309: Raw Audio Recording #1 by Gabi Schaffner

RAR – Raw Audio Recording #1
Gabi Schaffner/rawaudio/interdisciplinary artist

In my work, I try to encourage communicaton, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing. This is why I like the amalgamation of
different media and the experimental shift of identity into/between different cultures. Within this frame, field recording is treated as a carrier of cultural concepts, just as (documentary) photography is a carrier of visually encoded cultural messages.

01 Boatmotor, 00:19, 2009 *
02 Introduction into Raw Audio, 02:25, 2011
03 Hamepilvet 1, 02:36, 2005 *
04 Saippuakaupias 1, 00:36, 2005 *
05 Lumilaulu, 00:53, 2005 *
06 Lumivalssi 1, 01:35, 2005 *
07 Bells + Cars short, 00:33, 2009 ***
08 Lumenkulta, 02:20, 2006 *
09 Uima Uima, 00:24, 2009 ***
10 Broken Chamber, 01:55, 2006 **
11 Jazzy Tank, 03:23, 2006 **
12 Fragments of Pipi, 03:12, 2006 **
13 kantelePT, 04:47, 2010 ****
14 La Nautilus II, 01:52, 2009 ***
15 WhiteFoam, 01:35, 2006 ***
16 Otto Mötö (part a) 01:46, 2009 ***

„ Finnish Snow-walks and Dances“
A compilation of Finnish snow music and a mixture of traditional as well as current arrangements and fieldrecordings. Collected and compiled between 2002 and 2004 by the music anthopologist Sisukas Poronainen and myself. inofficially Eine Kompilation finnischer Schneemusiken. Released in 2005 as a vinyl (and vinyl only!) by gruenrekorder, Frankfurt.

„ Music for Bathrooms & Toilets“

Fieldrecordings/ Sample-Compositions Audioinstallation-CD for use in wet rooms only.
 27:31 min. Laminated artist edition (waterproof).
Price: 18 Euro
 12 copies.

Music for Bathrooms and Toilets explores the intriguing melodies of running water within the human habitat. This CD presents a compilation of bathroom recordings and mixed audio material. Some pieces have been cut with samples from other fieldrecordings (mainly from Iceland) and free mp3- tracks from the internet. The intention is to create a relaxing atmosphere – not entirely without humour – for the pleasures enjoyed in a private restroom.

Track 10 + 12. Samples used: Courtesy Peter Ware.

„ Fieldrecordings“
A collection of field recordings. FI. 2009
Track 14: Organ played by Mi Duncker

„ Musiques d’ Orion“
11 Field recording compositions FI, F und D. To be released by
entr’ in 2011
Track 13: Kantele by Teemu Tuonela. Haiku song by Inka Malm.

Planned for 2012. OTTO MÖTÖ: The Archives of Martti Mauri (1947-2001)
“Otto Möto” deals with the lost and found-again archives of Jyväskylä-born motor engine researcher and modern composer Martti Mauri (1935-2003). Experts herald Mauri’s avantgarde compositions as a forerunner of techno and new media music. And yes: This is another concept album by rawaudio. The track broadcasted, „ Otto Mötö“ , is based on fieldrecordings of Finnish motor (environment)s and was edited by Martin Moritz, Hamburg. This is NOT the final version!


NB this is a replacement show for radio x

Show 308: Starlings from Hjertøya sing Kurt Schwitters by Wolfgang Müller

Wolfgang Müllers Housemusic –

Starlings from Hjertøya sing Kurt Schwitters

In summer 1997 discovered Wolfgang Müller the House on the small Island Hjertøya opposite the westnorwegian city Molde, in which Kurt Schwitters stood during summertime from 1932 on. It is full of destroyed Collages, writings and over and over painted plaster columns. Till a few years before the door stood open and everybody could join in.
In front of the house, laying in the grasses, Wolfgang Müller listened once a Starling producing strange noises. He noticed, that in anyway he already knew these sounds from before. And he reminded passages of the Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters.
Starlings are masters of Copyart. A former grandfather or grandmother of this starling singing passages of the ursonate should have heared Kurt Schwitters in 1932 on the Island. Wolfgang Müller recorded the voice of the copyartist-starling singing Kurt Schwitters.

Wolfgang Müller is born on 24 October, 1957, in the Lower Saxony town of Wolfsburg. Today he spends most of his time in Berlin and Reykjavík.


During his high school days, he puts together a collection of his classmates’ cribs.

He studies at the Faculty of Graphic Design/Visual Communications at Berlin University of the Arts between 1980 and 1985. His degree show, in 1986, is presented in the Faculty of Film Design under Professor Wolfgang Ramsbott: a performance by his group Die Tödliche Doris, founded in 1980.

In 1982, he publishes his book Geniale Dilletanten. A typing error becomes a theme for a collection of writings.

With Ueli Etter in 1986, he embarks on the Galerie Eisenbahnstrasse project, designed to last for one year, in the basement of a house on Manteuffelstrasse, Berlin.

In 1987, Wolfgang Müller dissolves Die Tödliche Doris into an Italian white wine. At the exhibition, vino tavola bianco, at Galerie Swinger in Berlin, vino da tavola bianco is both the exhibit on show and the drink served at the opening. Seven years later, Die Tödliche Doris is poured out at Galerie von Witzleben in Karlsruhe, this time in the form of a white Burgundy from Schweigen. A book documenting the dissolution process is published by Martin Schmitz Verlag.

Show 307: Reality Theft

The instrument as a pendeling something.

A talk with the musician Stefan Fraunberger who calls himself a researcher for inner realities in acoustic events. He collected a couple of electroacoustic artists, Richard Bruzek, Daniel Lercher, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, and Vinzenz Schwab, in the same way he is collecting soundscapes. He stole them.
Together they created an ironic afternnoon of soundscapes and multichanneling by joyfully arranging 12 loudspeakers. The hall  started to swing.

Stefan Fraunberger is doing sound-research concerning noise, language and harmony in the context of
vowels and consonants in different cultural and religious traditions with the aim of what he calls pragmatic sound-results.

This afternoon session on Feb 5th 2011 was presented by Volkmar Klien at the Alte Schmiede in Vienna.
The recording-artist is nothing but a theft.


Soundscapes in order of acoustic appearance:
Vinzenz Schwab
Richard Bruzek
Daniel Lercher
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara
Stefan Fraunberger

Live-recording of the multi-channeling setting at the Alte Schmiede:
Vinzenz Schwab

Show 306: audio diary of a Chris Watson workshop by Dianne Weller

XL AIR asked Dianne Weller to report on her wild cart into a Chris Watson workshop:
I was lucky enough to be granted access to be a participant in this workshop of the UK based Sound Artist Chris Watson, run by the Rits Radio Department last October 2010.

My inspiration for doing so, was to extend my artistic practices from a vocal performer into sound design and installation work. Since Chris Watson has a diverse background working in music, documentary, film and installation work I thought what better mentor would there be to introduce me to this new and challenging arena.  I don’t mean to sound flippant and as a complete novice to this world, but it was In short,  an experience equatable to learning to be a fighter jet pilot in just a few short days! With his ease and gracious style of lecturing Chris has a impactful manner in imparting his immense knowledge on the subject he is clearly passionately living – Sound. This workshop was centering around the sounds  of the city and we exposed ourselves to the sounds of Brussels and what it has to offer us through the visionary ears of Chris Watson.

I had no idea of what to do with the material I was collecting at the beginning of the week then finally by the end of the journey thought the best way to capture this was to formulate it into this audio Diary I had made of my own experiences. These sound scapes that fill the diary are a collection of the collaborative work of the group and Chris’ personal samples.

Now I feel I have a good headstart to venture into the world of sound.

Dianne Weller