Show 300: the exclamation of a Lilliputian discovering Gulliver

Ekin Degull
Whatever the power of words, we already are on the other side, where the universe of Swift, Verne, London mingle happily to embark us on a ship, drifting from the surface to the underwaters depths …
A prism of preposterous stories with many fascinating animals coming from the dawn of time, just for traumatizing children.

A radio time in 2 times & 3 movements for a listening where you are the hero.

Ekina Degull

Peu importe le pouvoir des mots, nous venons de passer de l’autre coté, là où les univers de Swift, Verne, London se mélangent joyeusement pour nous embarquer dans une aventure improbable, sur un navire qui dérive de la surface aux profondeurs sous-marines…

Un prisme d’histoires abracadabrantesques avec des animaux extraordinaires venus de la nuit des temps, juste pour traumatiser les enfants.

Une création radiophonique en 2 temps & 3 mouvements pour une écoute dont vous êtes le héros.

Réalisation : Loise Bulot, Tony Regnauld, Floriane Pochon

Show 299: The Tetrahedron – Snowhere

The Tetrahedron is a fundamental sonic volume with 4 sides. A regular Tetrahedron is formed by 4 equilateral broadcasts, taking parts in an asymmetric radiophonic rotation system.
Even if Snowhere was done in a cold Brussels winter, the Tetrahedron still at a basement temperature by screaming like a 4 bits chaman, whispering some headwinds into the basement,
then finaly making peace after a white war by an acoustic orgy.

With: Jean-François Blanquet, Jean-Marcel Busson, Fabrice Cesario, Aymeric
De Tapol and Yann Leguay
Voices by: Maxime Blanpain and Suzy Bretchkov
Recorded in december 2010 at his Aunt’s basement , Brussels

Show 298: The Worm Radio Song Poem Radia Show

This show consists of a number of songs that were made by the Radio WORM Song Poem Crew at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven (november 2010). The theme was ’80ties cassette culture’ and the idea was that the audience could choose a genre from a menu, write a text, pay 3 euro’s, and then the  Radio WORM Song Poem Crew would make the song with ‘original’ 80ties gear (the most advanced device being a 4track cassette machine), hence the ‘vintage’ sound qualities of the pieces. The song was delivered within a short time (5 – 30 minutes) to the client on cassette tape. The available genres on the menu were; Depressing Lo Fi Noise, Boring Art Shit, Early Happy Commodore, Gay Budget Beats, Industrial SM Love Songs, Echoïstic Melancholia Dub, Fucked Up Cassette Hardcore and Incredible Cheap Casio-Pop. There were 19 songs made in a few hours, the best of them you’ll find here. Text subjects vary from ode’s to leaving colleague’s, the impossibilities of having a love affair where one lives in Eindhoven and the other in Amsterdam, Statements about Radio Art, a Monty Cantsin Neoist Song and lots of boring and horrible poetry. Enjoy!

People involved; Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker, Robert Kroos, Merijn van Ham, Joost Bult, Alexander van Straten, Annemarie Nijhof, Rik Den Dood

Show 297: data radio, pt.4 by Johannes Raggam

johannes raggam for radio helsinki

data radio, pt.4 is an experiment to transmit encoded digital data over a civil FM radio network. the sounds received can be decoded using special, freely available software or – if available – hardware devices. with the process of encoding digital data, transmitting it over terrestrial radio networks and decoding at endpoints an simple alternative to the network called internet is created.

in fact, such guerrilla networks were successfully created by different parties in crisis/war situations. for example, the serbian radio b92 used CB radio transmission for exchanging information with isolated parts of former yugoslavia.

listeners of are encouraged to decode or record (for later decoding) the  data or just listen to the stream of fax noise.

for decoding, follow these instructions:

* install the software to decode the encoded data and configure it according to the settings explained below.

* connect the line-out of your stereo with the line-in of your computer.
alternatively, but trickier, redirect an internet audio stream to the decoding software.

“data radio” – in german “datenradio” – started as a project for the “netart community convention 2009″ in graz by johannes raggam in collaboration with christian pointner. for more information (in german) see [1][2].

Settings for HamFax on linux
carrier     800Hz
deviation   400Hz
modulation  FM
filter      middle
lpm         200
color mode

Software for decoding

windows (untested)

OSX (untested)


Special: Curated by RADIA: und ein und aus by Barbara Kaiser

The last part of Radia’s series for Kunstradio’s „Curated by“ is a work by Vienna based artist Barbara Kaiser. She puts the intimate and nearly silent physical act of breathing in contrast to the vast metal cylinder of the Gasometer in Oberhausen, where a 48-hours-workshop was held this summer.

Radia, a network of independent radio stations and radio artists in Europe and beyond, has invited eight people to spend time together in the industrial monument. From the material that was recorded and produced there, the artists have created five pieces. Each very different, they share the experience of the Radio Art Camp in Oberhausen as well as the reference to the Gasometer.

„the basis for my piece are recordings of the participating artists breathing when climbing up the exterior staircase of the gasometer – 592 steps. on the other hand i use the acoustic frequences animated by playing back these sound in the interior of the building.“
(Barbara Kaiser)