Show 296: Life Expectations by Alessandro Bosetti

Somewhere in between musical compositions, songs, literary essays, poems or unreligious mantras, close to Robert Ashley, Rene Lussier, Peter Ablinger, Ornette Coleman (or even the asymmetrical rhythms of Steve Coleman and Henry Threadgill), Life Expectation by Alessandro Bosetti is constructed around the intricate emotional, rhythmic and melodic counterpoints of a casual conversation.
Bosetti translates intonations of speech into complex and seemingly orchestral scores where meaning, tone and noise are melted into each other. Several variations of techniques known as shadowing or convolution were used in the making of it. Sometimes digital devices were used, some other times analogue – almost hand made – techniques. He has been pouring words into notes. Notes into noise and then again noise into meaning. He has been exploring spoken languages and the implication of repetition.
“Life Expectations” is taken from Royal, his latest album released last october 2010.

Life Expectations – CC Alessandro Bosetti 2010
Electronics, other Instruments and Field Recordings : Alessandro Bosetti
Text by Alessandro Bosetti after words of Chris Heenan and Fernanda Farah
Mastering : Martin Siewert

Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan, Italy in 1973. He is a composer and multidisciplinary artist working on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication, producing text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and published recordings. In his work he moves across the line between sound anthropology and composition, often including translation and misunderstanding in the creative process. Field research and interviews build the basis for abstract compositions, along with electro-acoustic and acoustic collages, relational strategies, trained and untrained instrumental practices, vocal explorations and digital manipulations. Recent text sound projects include African Feedback (Errant Bodies press), the interactive speaking machine “MaskMirror” (STEIM, a.o. ) and  his own ensemble Trophies with guitar player Kenta Nagai, vocalist Christian Kesten, and drummers Morten J.Olsen and Ches Smith. Alessandro Bosetti has been touring extensively in europe, USA and Asia and  lives in Berlin (Germany).

Show 295: Hear in the dark

On NOV 6th and NOV 7th of 2010 CFRC 101.9FM held a special multi-channel ‘screening’ of audio pieces in the dark. This event was called Hear in The Dark. This Radia episode provides for your listening enjoyment a selection from the pieces that were ‘screened’ on those nights. Featuring work by: Louise Bark, Kristiana Clemens, Neven Lochhead, Decomposing Pianos and Irina Skvortsova. Hear in the Dark was made possible with the generous support of the City of Kingston and the Kingston Arts Council.

Show 294: sound, light, locality : the frederick street sound and light exploration society, by Sally Ann McIntyre

intermingling audio and interviews recorded at the experimental music festival ‘Fredstock’, which gathered together together 62 performers over 4 days (Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th October 2010) in Wellington, New Zealand, this documentary amplifies some of the voices from the diverse and cross-pollinating experimental music culture associated with the central Wellington artist-run performance space ‘the Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society’ (affectionately known to its community as ‘Freds’), while asking wider questions around the history and practice of experimental music in Wellington, the particularity of localised micro-scenes, the role of key figures driving the culture, and, implicitly, how underground artistic communities can build strategies for their ongoing survival.

deliberately emphasising the tentative, exploratory nature of the current discourse surrounding NZ audio culture, the documentary formally structures itself as a listening experience with loose links to Glenn Gould’s documentary methods, although it is also akin to a critically minded yet casual conversation that might be had at a night out watching a gig. It can be listened to as a companion-piece of sorts to the earlier R1 documentary contribution to the network ‘Lines of Flight : a Sonic Community’ (s20 n231), and forms part of an ongoing research interest in charting the sonic territories of New Zealand experimental audio culture.

interviews with : Jeremy Coubrough, Daniel Beban, Torben Tilly, Bek Coogan, Chris Prosser, Mark Williams, Noel Meek, Campbell Walker, Erika Grant, Sean Kelly, Thomas Lambert.

music / audio by : Full Fucking Moon, Peter Wright, Ming, The Doubles, Claypipe, Seth Frightening, Chris Prosser/Erika Grant/Art Sushi, and Douglas Lilburn covers band the Urinal Bulldogs.

interviewer, editor, producer : sally ann mcintyre

produced for the Radia network 2010, a contribution from member station Radio One 91FM, Dunedin.

Show 293: Zen & Napalm by Ghazi Barakat

PHAROAH CHROMIUM  (mutant psych / kozmic blues / concrete jungle)

New project from Ghazi Barakat (Boy from Brazil, Assassinations, Golden Showers).  Three sampling devices, too many effects and a little make-up. Machines as life support devices. A cardiopulmonary bypass playing the soundtrack of your life. When is the time right to turn it off?

Special: Curated by RADIA: Out of Breath by Jean-Philippe Renoult

Jean-Philippe Renoult is a sound artist, radio producer, lecturer and independent curator based in Paris. His piece for the Curated by Radia series refers to specific events in French politics which occurred in summer 2010, when the radio artists resided at Gasometer Oberhausen. His piece “Out of Breath” links documents of these events with the spectacular acoustic qualities of the industrial space.

“For the Radia art camp at the Gasometer in Oberhausen I was  literally ‘Out of Breath’ for two main reasons, firstly because I climbed  the 800 steps of the outdoor staircase of the Gasometer as the thermometer hit 36° C, which is no mean feat for a smoker, and secondly because I feel worn out by the state of French politics, in particular the L’Oreal family feud which has led to a series of investigations concerning political donations, tax evasion and money laundering.

I decided to voice this fatigue by reading the offensive comments by readers on the French investigative journalism website Mediapart’s  decision to publish extracts from secret recordings between L’Oreal heiress and Europe’s richest woman Liliane Bettencourt, and her financial advisor Patrick De Maistre. In these recordings Maistre clearly advises Liliane on how to corrupt government members and the best way to avoid a hefty tax bill.

Using the incredible resonance of the Gasometer, where every sigh, click, hum and cough are amplified to enormous proportions ‘Out of Breath’ is a radio creation that addresses the idea of suffocation through in situ readings and location recordings intercut with extracts from the actual tapes.”