Show 278: Radio Zeit#2

Radio Papesse is featuring Radio Zeit#2, an artwork by Pasquale Napolitano programmed by Paolo Napolitano.

Radio ZEIT is a sound composition which aims to use the radio spectrum as a mechanism of time exploration. The installation is programmed in MATLAB environment and programming language used for interactive and generative applications.
So, the composition has a soul linked to deeper interactive quotient variation in results depending on space and time of detection.

The mechanism of Radio ZEIT scans the entire FM radio compared by scaling each unit every 10 seconds and aggregates the results in 64 minutes of sound sequences.

The beta version presented at “Radioaktivität” – radio art meeting held in Naples in December 2009 – was produced by mapping the fm spectrum in the outer courtyard of the Pan Contemporary Art Center in Naples Sunday, December 12, 2009, from 18:00 to 19:04.

Taking the clue from that experience, here it is the second chapter of Radio ZEIT; after six months the mapping of the acoustic space took place in the same venue and at the same time. What has changed is the fm spectrum mapping time lapse: Radio Zeit#2 scales each unit of frequency every 5 seconds, gathering the results in a 28 minutes long sampled sound sequence.

This sound piece aims to build a soundscape through a repeatable practice within various territorial circumstances. We tried to depict/record a fresco sound of Naples; what emerges is a sort of local “agenda setting” of the medium, that reflect its multifaceted nature and comes out of a mix of both sports radio programs and neighborhood stations, both music of “neomelodici” and national mainstream.

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