Show 263: Miniatures by Pierre Yves Macé

Radio Grenouille opens the new season of Radia and celebrates the fifth anniversary of the international soundart network,

inviting the composer Pierre-Yves Macé to share his collection of “Miniatures”. A subtle mosaic made of “grands touts and petits riens” to rub concrete materials to the spirit of the times, dipping into the fluctuating fonds of web, movies and songs.

28 minutes about a meeting between the instant and the unstable, unstructured and restructured songs, exiled voices and transitional piano …

Show 262: Ritmi di Milano by Painè Cuadrelli

a sound portrait of Milan produced by Painè Cuadrelli – marks our official first entry as RADIA member.

Radio Papesse launched the series with a work of Painè Cuadrelli and his soundwalk in Milan, the city Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna portraied in 1954 in ‘Portrait of a city’, the first electronic music piece ever recorded at the Milan’s RAI Fonology Studios (Italian Radio and Television). As the oral narration is a primary key of this soundwork, Cuadrelli’s portrait is much more about sounds and field recording; it was produced recording sounds in the city of Milano, Italy and manipulating it into a collage of small compositions and rhythms. The show is intended as a modified soundwalk, where pieces of real-world soundscape get transformed, cut’n’pasted, mixed and remixed, becoming something else, yet keeping the original texture.

Recordings were made in main spots of the city centre: Piazza del Duomo, Duomo (inside), Triennale Museum, Teatro dell’Arte, Parco Sempione, to name a few, in differents moments of the day and night.
No addictional sounds were used.

>>CREDITS<< produced, composed and mixed by Painè Cuadrelli assistant: Mattia Trabucchi recordings made with; Edirol R-09, Apple iPhone with Audiofile Engineering Fire Application, Tascam DR 100 sound editing made with: Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor, Bias Peak post-production and mix made with: Ableton Live, Apple Logic Studio