Show 261: A Minute in the Life of a CFRC volunteer

Currently, at CFRC, there is an undeniable surge in creative energy that has been rare in the 90 year history of our station. For the past two years a critical mass of programmers have gotten together to accept all reasonable, and unreasonable, challenges for producing adventurous, risky, mind-bending radio and performing live radio dramas in front of skeptical audiences. To commemorate this moment in time, a call was sent out to represent a minute in the life of a CFRC volunteer. The purposefully vague request was meant to show the diversity of creative ideas present at our station in our small town. For our first Radia submission, many of the same people worked together, for long nights (often), in the same room, producing a radio drama, and for our second submission, they work together again….but this time as independent radio producers.

Thanks to Michael, Melissa, Irina, Carolyn, Jessie, Aleks, Melinda, Scott, Kristiana, Neven, Elson, Henrik, Bill, Chris, Christopher, Owen & Julia for participating.

Show 260: The Village is Quiet

Australian artist Patrick Hartigan exhibited a series of water colours in 2009 entitled “The Village is Quiet” – a show which was complemented by the publication of a series of short stories and a limited release dvd under the same title. Producer g.bert invited Hartigan to record a reading of a selection of the stories as a gesture toward a continued multiplication of media in Hartigan’s work through (and despite) which the ‘village remains quiet’.

Hartigan’s facility in isolating and expressing the subtleties and idiosyncracies of the simple everyday life of an unnamed contemporary Slovakian village in fact borders on a mythical expression – a kind of singular exemplarity. Littered as his work is with post-soviet remnants (the public address system that still ‘broadcasts’ via loudspeakers, for example) and the consequences of EU expansion (the evident desertion of youth), Hartigan’s village and its eloquent quietude speaks a kind of obscure generality (seen, as it is, through the eyes of an antipodean outsider finding feet and language in the village’s almost empty streets and homes).

A simple radio production (artifacts of recording included) accentuates the simplicity of Hartigan’s means. Visit and for Hartigan’s visual story

Show 258: algoRHYTHMIC noise of our everyday gadgets

by institute for algorhythmics, radio X
“algoRHYTHMIC noise of our everyday gadgets” consists of a study with short snippets of audio examples about audificated processes of our everyday gadgets like our cell phones, cameras, smart phones and laptops.
ausculations no. 1 to 16 are made by using a electromagnetic coil, no. 17 to 19 are made by audification processes of assembly code on software side (formal materiality) and ausculations no. 20 to 23 are produced with a HF-detector.

“algoRHYTHMIC noise of our everyday gadgets” is also a preliminary work for a more elaborated project about a “sonic archeology of advanced everyday technologies”.
archeology is meant following michel foucault’s notion of thinking that we – when looking for meanings of things, but also their history – need to look not only for documents, but also for monuments. this means that the materiality of things and their physical effects should be investigated not only on the surface, but by “digging deeper into” things or processes and by revealing and explaining the inner structures of black boxes. therefore we think that archeology is a more sophisticated term for hacking.
the institute for algorghythmics/michael chinen & shintaro miyazaki

michael chinen (*1982) is a programmer and musician. He studied composition & computer science at university of washington, seattle/washinton state, electro-acoustic music at dartmouth college and was research student at tokyo denki university. lately he moved to berlin with the Fulbright research grant for wavefield synthesis at technische universit‰t berlin.
shintaro miyazaki (*1980) is a theorist, artist and curator. he studied media studies, philosophy and musicology in basel, switzerland and is currently a PhD researcher at humboldt university berlin under prof. wolfgang ernst, holding a scholarship of the “cogito foundation”. in 2008 he founded the ìinstitute for algorhythmicsî.

find more info at

Show 257: radioRadar4 by Marold Langer-Philippsen

RADIORADAR_4 is a relay from some bird voices, wind, electricity, capitalism and a letter from benin mixed by radioerevan in february 2010.

Author is the radio- and performance-artist Marold Langer-Philippsen from Radio CORAX, also working in the field of theatre and video – living in Berlin.

Effi Rabsilber “whataday2”
Muhmood “8300 pillars of altai”
Coronet Instructional Films “Understanding of the Dollar”
also: different bird voices from europe, a letter from benin, some field recordings