Show 253: RADIO WORM for Resonance104.4fm

In December 2009 the WORM STUDIO organised a ‘philosophical’ workshop about field recordings.
We invited Derek Holzer & Justin Bennett to tell their side of the story, told our side of the story as well (nothing is true, everything is permitted, etc.) and let all the workshop members work in the WORM studio to complete their pieces. And the results were great! So we had to shorten the pieces a bit to fit them in this RADIO WORM number 120, Radia edition.
And that’s the other side of the story; the Electronic/Experimental Radio monthly ‘RADIO WORM’ exists for 10 years now. And we never missed a beat! (never looked for it). So starting in January 2000 we come now to number 120, and we’re very proud to present this to the Radia Network.