Special: Small Journeys, Long Distance by Lucinda Guy

“Shows from the Radia Network travel… from one artist’s ears to another’s. From one small community to another, far away. Within the shows journeys take place too, whether a walk through the shopping centre or a trip into space.
This collage, built from fragments of some of 2009’s contributions, celebrates these journeys large and small; what they have in common and what sets them apart.”

Lucinda Guy, artist, composer and co-founder of Soundart Radio, has compiled a 37-minutes radio journey through last year’s Radia universe for Kunstradio, using extracts of the following productions:

·         Out of Space, War of the Worlds from Orange 94.0, Vienna

·         Our Domestic Radiation by Anna Friz for Free103point9, New York

·         Snow Squabbles by Neil Griffith, Cathy Inouye  Caroline Kunzle for Ckut, Montreal

·         Incidental Parallels by Pôm Bouvier B. for Radio Grenouille

·         Radiodance Opus.01: Y Do B?, by F. Ribeiro, for Rádio Zero

·         Silence Radio: Ruisselle by Philippe Vandendriessche; Greetings from Italy by Damien Magnette; Nous, les Défunts by Yannick Dauby. From Radio Campus, Bruxelles

·         Stiller Marktschrei  by Stephan Roth from Orange 94.0, Vienna

·         Closing Down, by GilbertandGrape from Soundart Radio, Dartington

·         This Means War by Andrej  Ancevski for Kanal 103, Skopje

·         Fragments of Stratford Shopping Centre  by Martin Williams, for Resonance 104.4fm, London

·         The Forester And Me (Burning Ice) by Maarten Lauwaert and Joris Van Damme for XL Air

·         Rug Radio by Maria Papadomanolaki for Free103point9 New York

·         Flare: Real Energy World / Niger Delta By Eva Ursprung for Klubradio/Herbstradio Berlin

·         Why Don’t You Go Home? by Cathryn Morgan Richards for  Soundart Radio, Dartington

·         Awaiting for the Waters to Rise by Frederic Alstadt  for Radio Campus Brussels

·         Mayon Volcano  by Andreas Loeschner Gornau for Radio Corax, Halle

·         Playground: Art Games by Miss Gunst for Radio X, Frankfurt

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