Show 249: A New Year Show by Lucinda Guy

This is a traditional story about when the moon fell in the river, became trapped by bad fairies and rescued by villagers. I’ve retold it for Radia including recordings made during the last year, mostly of my children and friends playing in a river. There’s also music improvised by children. There are some hymns and carols, some of which first appeared as part of my ‘swimming in the stream’ radio series, using our station’s webstream to create loops and effects.

Thanks to:
Children at Bidwell Brook school, Dartington, who created some of the music Catherine Guy, who sings Shakespeare’s full fathom 5 with me
Ergo Phizmiz who reads the part of the man who fell in.
Beowulf, Artemis, Marlowe and Demeter who played in the river and chatted.
Ariane Delaunois, Nell Harrison and Kate Paxman who also recorded the children at our workshops last summer.

Happy New Year from all at Soundart Radio