Show 246: Memento: Internationale by Adrian Hall

This an atmospheric work for radio which takes place inside the head, and the history, of an elderly man.

He dwells on moments and places he may have been, and the life in turn of his father.
The work is initially set in the shaving mirror of his home, and touches on mortality, and the trades of working men everywhere, be they learned in the military, or as an apprentice.
There is too a hint of criminal violence. Another way of making a living.
A recurring theme of blood, consumer objects and the nostalgic history of radio itself allows him to meander in his mind, and to reflect on a life of change. A single human voice is contrasted with recordings of vintage radio commercials extolling the virtues of the workers behind production lines, now derelict: and the narrations of the old man are largely carried by synthesised voices from a computer. The purring of a cat overtakes and completes his domestic reveries.