Show 234: Awaiting for the waters to rise by Frederic Alstadt

“Into lovers strings,
crumbled under soft shakes from the strech of the oblivion,
tainted simple encounters, bellow the lights of married chords

it’s a sincere road i followed,
time for a pause,
strewn of dark blue sound wires,
remanences of an unbordered amaricana ”

Christophe Guiraud

– – –

Traces of a hot & wet summers strings improvisations, I edited the two first sessions we made with my friend Amélie Grosselet. She was playing guitar, and I was playing apalachian dulcimer processed with different analog effets. As i’ve spent a lot of time in Venice this year, designing sound for an installation, i still had that strongly in mind. Water was everywhere there, around me and into the sound I was working on, I was amazingly obsessed by the “aqua alta” submerging the streets. These random rises inspired me.
The liquid element’s travel from meting snow recorded in the Alps in late march to Antwerpen industrialised rivers sides, followed our strings

Flood is to come

Frédéric Alstadt

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