Show 227: In Babel

The intention for the next half an hour was to switch into the subject of CITY – refering to the small east German City Halle and the metropolis Chicago – we decided to choose Babylon as the tertium communis.
“In Babel” can also be used according to the Great Oxford – “babel” means a: a babel of voices, a noisy medley, mostly in today’s lingua franca which is English, b: confusion, a scene of confusion, c: as “Tower of Babel” a gigantic project, and finally d: the biblical confusion of languages.
So this musical-linguistic Babel-project is also a prophet and medium of ancient voices from the lowest levels of the tower of Babel.
material: soundscapes in Halle and in the streets and in the elevator of Sear’s Tower in Chicago. music recorded and played by Bernd Born -bariton sax Halle- Wolfram Dix -glasses and percussion, Leipzig- Peter Koch – Cello – Dresden- and Christoph Winckel – kontrabass – Leipzig- and Pinguin Moschner -tuba -Halle- in underground water tank in Halle.
Lyrics and voices by Wilhelm Bartsch

Bernd Born is a composer and musician -living in Halle/S. and Wilhelm Bartsch is a writer- working and living in Halle.

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