Show 231: Lines of Flight – A Sonic Community, by Gilbert May & Sally Ann McIntyre

This, the inaugural contribution to the Radia Network from Radio One (Dunedin, New Zealand), offers an impressionistic account of the biannual, and somewhat secretive, experimental music and film festival “Lines of Flight”. Running in Dunedin since 2000, “Lines of Flight” has provided New Zealand improvisational and experimental musicians with an intensive platform for performance and interaction and has organically evolved a space for a much stronger formation of a sound practioners’ community. Although the improv./experimental scene from which the festival grew – recall the musicians associated with the labels Metonymic and Corpus Hermeticum in the 1990s – has changed considerably since the festival’s beginnings, Lines of Flight has become a kind of default constant, a fluid forum, a relatively regular ‘symposium’ for many in that evolving scene.

Radio producers Sally-Ann McIntyre (a.k.a. ‘Radio Cegeste’) and Gilbert May took the opportunity which the 2009 Lines of Flight festival offered to interview a number of the organisers and performers (particularly those who have had a long standing relation to the festival) to obtain their reflections on the history and significance of the biannual event. Combined with an equally partial selection of music, a limited and impressionistic editing process provides a far from comprehensive, yet nevertheless enlightening, introduction not just to the “Lines of Flight” festival, but to a part of a wider New Zealand scene.

[Featuring: Peter Stapleton, Kim Pieters, Peter Porteus, Alex Mackinnon, Bruce Russell, Matt Middleton, Dean Roberts, Rachel Shearer as well as samples from Sleep, Flies Inside the Sun, Birchville Cat Motel, Handful of Dust, Crude, Eye, Rotor Plus, Tillakaratne and Adrian Hall’s Red Carpet. Many thanks to all involved…]

Show 230: Flare by Eva Ursprung

Real Energy World / Niger Delta

Since the 1960s, oil extraction by international corporations has been destroying the environment and ecological balance in the Niger Delta, and thus, the basis of life of the local population. The composition works with the sounds of gas flares, as well as interviews with activists and theoreticians from the region, contributed by Sokari Ekine (

Show 229: Magic Soundbox Redux

What is radio?
What has your experience with radio been?
Did you ever wonder what a radio host looked like? How the voice would match the face?
Did you ever feel like your radio was talking only to you? Like you could almost see the lips of the radio host nearly pressed up to the microphone, almost uncomfortably so, that the host almost… entered your room?
Have you ever felt trapped by the radio?

Radio has a way of introducing you to thoughts, ideas, perspectives, things and sounds you may have never otherwise found. At any moment, there is something going out over the airwaves, dictated by the whims of the broadcaster. This faceless broadcaster, who enters and leaves through the revolving studio door, creates a relationship with an invisible audience: a one-sided dialogue.

Community radio welcomes the voices of the underworld that have fallen through the cracks to reside in the nooks and crannies in our society, and invites them onto the airwaves.

Radio is access: access to a number of worlds you may never be able to enter physically.

On July 16th, in a darkened box somewhere in Montreal, we invited listeners to sit with a room full of strangers, separated by only space and a thin black clothe from more than a dozen amateur and veteran radio-makers, and asked them to leave themselves to the whim of the radio broadcast. Now we invite you into Radioland – CKUT’S magic sound box – to indulge in musical soundscapes, story-telling, exploratory sonic installations and poetry.

All the sounds, including random sounds emitted by the audience, were captured by microphones dangled above the room, and broadcast over the airwaves of CKUT, reaching the ears of unsuspecting audience members in their cars, bedrooms, living rooms and bathtubs. This piece is a remixed of this very special eve.

Contributors include: Emilie Mouchous, Jay Gillingham, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Neil Griffith, Maria Mavrig, Chris Albinati, Tony Vaughan, Rafael Sacramento, Liz Pieries, Nick Dodd, Kaitlin Prest, Fortner Anderson, Courtney Kirkby and Rachel Ni Chiunn

Magic Sound Box Redux
by ckut / Emilie Mouchous / Jay Gillingham / Andrea-Jane Cornell / Neil Griffith / Maria Mavrig / Chris Albinati / Tony Vaughan / Rafael Sacramento / Liz Pieries / Nick Dodd / Kaitlin Prest / Fortner Anderson / Courtney Kirkby / Rachel Ni Chuinn
production: Courtney Kirkby / Rachel Ni Chuinn

Show 227: In Babel

The intention for the next half an hour was to switch into the subject of CITY – refering to the small east German City Halle and the metropolis Chicago – we decided to choose Babylon as the tertium communis.
“In Babel” can also be used according to the Great Oxford – “babel” means a: a babel of voices, a noisy medley, mostly in today’s lingua franca which is English, b: confusion, a scene of confusion, c: as “Tower of Babel” a gigantic project, and finally d: the biblical confusion of languages.
So this musical-linguistic Babel-project is also a prophet and medium of ancient voices from the lowest levels of the tower of Babel.
material: soundscapes in Halle and in the streets and in the elevator of Sear’s Tower in Chicago. music recorded and played by Bernd Born -bariton sax Halle- Wolfram Dix -glasses and percussion, Leipzig- Peter Koch – Cello – Dresden- and Christoph Winckel – kontrabass – Leipzig- and Pinguin Moschner -tuba -Halle- in underground water tank in Halle.
Lyrics and voices by Wilhelm Bartsch

Bernd Born is a composer and musician -living in Halle/S. and Wilhelm Bartsch is a writer- working and living in Halle.