Show 205: Radiodance Opus.01:”Y Do B?” by F. Ribeiro

Radiodance Opus.01″Y Do B?” starts from the voice, the presence of the verb and the dance of electromagnetic fields to compose a body program of synaesthetic flexing of the body limits, it’s listening s and gestures. In the metaphysical inversion of the body (udob), the representation of the clash of embodiment springs a question: why do we keep insisting on engineering the “being”? Why do we still believe in artistic performance when it has no longer the power to update the world? We ask the listener to watch his body with utmost attention during the broadcast and dance.

Voices (heard and un-heard): Veridiana Zurita, Julia Rocha, Daniel Fagundes, Daniela Dini, Gabriel Kolyniak, Guilherme do Vale, Chico Science, Frank Zappa, Key Sawao, Ricardo…

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