Show 204: Incidental Parallels by Pôm Bouvier B.

“For some time and repeatedly, I’ve been travelling through 3 cities: Paris- Brussels- Berlin.
In each city I spend at least one week to fix a route that can be disturbed by incidences. An incidence means a digression and it is also the point where a line meets a surface. I accept all those incidences that divert me from my route. And I translate them into sound through a topographical portrait of the cities.”

Pôm Bouvier B. lives and works in Marseille. She has followed an atypical path through music. From listening to very diverse music, to scenography, video and theatre performance, she finally settled in electroacoustic music.

Show 202: Snow Squabbles

CKUT’s Radia collective have gathered and distilled the essence of wintertime in Montreal – a far cry from the sugarshacks and Carnival bliss of the stereotypical Quebec winter wonderland.

Neil Griffith, Caroline Kunzle and Cathy Inouye locked themselves in a tiny overheated studio for four nights, incubated by the light of the city’s sodium vapour lamps…this is what transpired.

Show 201: radiophonic first day by adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek

you are cordially invited to join the first day of a whole week with 24hrs a day: radio on.
for about 28 minutes at least.
more soon.*

radio on with adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek.
discussions and opinions and bewonderments and bewilderments
on every question possible that doesn’t affect
our economical and philo-exitical state of mind and skin immediately,
but maybe yes.
no playlist, no preperation, no animal tests.
make radio not iq tests.

* forthcoming in spring 2009:
radio on hours on radio x / GUNST & radiator x
more info & dates of transmission via

radiophonic first day
by radio on / adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek
production: miss.gunst / GUNST + radiator x
date: january 2009
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
duration: 28 min. –