Show 200: yr byt by IT

Johannes Krause and Claus Störmer are working together as IT, a project in the context of live electronic and electroacoustic music. Choosing radio corax as a platform to present their live improvised work, IT is about experimenting with sounds and the development of methods of playing, depending on the material. IT use live recordings to process them as well as mix them up with synthetic sounds, with the intention of creating a coherent sonic field, fusing abstract and representational aspects of these sounds. The state varies in time through which the association on a specific sound is not fixed. The attempt is to figure out an open acoustic situation without a definite link to music…

For our radio-work we made field-recordings which had an artificial sound. We brought them together with synthetic material, which in the contrary, sound natural. These very distinguished aspects in our source material were set as close as and as far as possible in correlation. Therefore movement, space, mimesis, presence, auditory threshold, and rhythm where important parameters.

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