Show 189: Bloody Manaus by Pali Meursault

At the beginning of winter 2007-2008, Pali Meursault spent 15 days in Mamori Lake with other sound artists from all around the world in the frame of Mamori Art Lab. Then he spent a week in Manaus and made field-recordings for a radio project. The final shape of the piece was not predetermined: a material started to exist from his drifts through the city, through the people he met. When Radio Grenouille invited him to make a Radia show, this gave him a frame.

So Bloody Manaus is at the same time a travel diary, the recomposition of a soundscape and an immersion into this singular city. It’s also a subjective and inevitably superficial point of view, something between sociological amazement and musical fascination for a deafening city.

Pali Meursault is a sound artist who lives and works in Grenoble, France. His works are published on Universinternational in France, Entr’acte in Great Britain and And/oar in the USA. He regularly collaborates with the artists collective Ici-Même.

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