Show 186: autophones rlxtended by michael gambacurta and matthias s. krueger

autophones (radio concert – rlxtended)

an autophone produces sounds on its own.
the canadian percussionist michael gambacurta discovered an autophone when he was jogging over the kaiserlei bridge between frankfurt and offenbach. traffic noises transformed into music in his ears: vehicles rolling over the bridge, as well as wind and weathers made the metal strings vibrate and sing.
with contact microphones gambacurta collected the sounds, some during the days, others during the nights.

together with the composer matthias s. krüger he coverted the collected sounds into a work of sound art.

based upon the composition, together with yuki higashino he created an audio-visual installation presented from september 19th to september 21st, 2008, in the framework of festival junger talente at hafen offenbach, vis à vis kaiserlei bridge.
while listening to an audio-loop version of the original autophones concert via headphones visitors could either watch the bridge with its continuous flow of traffic through a telescope or a video documentation of the development of the piece.
at the same time in cooperation with radio x/GUNST autophones had been extended into radiophonic space.
from september 15th onwards, excerpts of the recordings were broadcasted during the daily radio program. thus motorists were able to listen to themselves taking part in the autophone’s ongoing concert.
on september 19th GUNSTradio presented the full lenght (auto)radio concert and introduced the two composers together with their work.

for the radia lx festival (september 20th to 28th, 2008) michael gambacurta and matthias s. krüger created an extended version of the radio concert: autophones (radio concert – rlxtended).

autophones (radio concert – rlxtended)
by michael gambacurta and matthias s. krüger
production: miss.gunst / GUNST + radiator x
date: september 2008
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min. –

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro/outro (english)
please note the composer matthias s. krüger is a member of GEMA.
therefore its not possible to publish this show under a free licence.
thank you for your kind understanding.