Show 160: War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté by David Bouvard

War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté, released by David Bouvard for Radio Grenouille Marseille France, runs accross a japanese medieval war landscape sampled from Akira Kurosawa’s movies, mixed to daily materials. 26 minutes.
…with samples from Akira Kurosawa’s films : Seven Samurai, Ran and Kagemucha. As well as bees recordings by Rémi Coupille, music by Mark Hollis, screams from the Art ensemble of Chicago, ceramics by Nadège Richard and the voice of Alain Lacroix. Special thanks to Céline Bellanger.

Program in Ogg vorbis / in Mp3

For more about David Bouvard, visit & la compagnie

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