Show 158: a pilgrimage through innuit country by Ralf Wendt

a pilgrimage through innuit country

made by Ralf Wendt after a journey together with the performance-group The wolf and the winter

The Wolves is an international pack of artists working in performance and live art. The Wolves will perform with guests, individually and together, using improvisation and rehearsed events.
This truly international group of artists are Denys Blacker (UK, Spain and Thailand), Brian Catling (UK), Anet van de Elzen (Netherlands), Kirsten Norrie (Scotland), Ralf Wendt (Germany) and Aaron Williamson (UK) with guest Jessie Kleeman (Greenland) and Jason Lim (Singapore).
The Wolves were foundered in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the home town of Hieronymus Bosch, in the winter of 2001 in response to the growing technical language and process of performance. As a result, their performances reduce this language by presenting only a performer, a light and a number of props as well as a savage desire to create atmosphere and tension. The artists’ shared interest in the mutation of mundane daily occurrences into structured performances is the cohesive force of the group, with each artist bringing their own individual interpretations and cultural perspectives to their collective performances.

The Wolves have performed in Holland, Germany, Spain, Scotland and Greenland Every time they perform they invite guest wolves to join the main pack. This soundwork includes texts of the -inviting- guest in greenland Jessie Kleemann

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