Show 161: Reading, UK, Seville, Spain by Duncan Whitley

Reading, UK, Seville, Spain by Duncan Whitley for Soundart Radio

The piece weaves together a series of field recordings from two projects, the first of which examines, critiques and celebrates the language of football crowd sound, the other, a collaboration with sound artist and composer James Wyness, takes as its subject the ritual Holy Week processions of Seville, Spain.
These two phonographic projects develop through growing archives of multichannel sound, which Duncan uses as raw material for his sound installations.

“My artistic practice is orientated towards sound installation, and radio presents quite a different challenge. In this piece I wanted to see how it felt to slip between the two dynamic and contrasting soundscapes of Holy Week in Seville and a football match at Reading FC’s Madejski Stadium. The editing is simple and transparent, working with real-time events and with few cuts.”

Duncan’s work appropriates forms and conventions of sound installation, field recording, oral history, and sonic archive. In ongoing sound recording projects Duncan has focussed on collecting, analysing, categorising and editing raw material extracted from the social and urban fabric. Underpinning his work is an interest in the social and documentary value of sound as a medium, and the use of sound and new media to develop alternative narrative forms. Whilst displaying a critical interest in sound and audio work, Duncan remains committed to producing intuitive, accessible work for broad audiences.

James Wyness is a sound artist and composer, working almost exclusively in the electroacoustic medium. He produces soundwalks, work for radio, sound installation and multichannel concert works. He is currently studying a PhD in composition at the University of Aberdeen.

Show 160: War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté by David Bouvard

War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté, released by David Bouvard for Radio Grenouille Marseille France, runs accross a japanese medieval war landscape sampled from Akira Kurosawa’s movies, mixed to daily materials. 26 minutes.
…with samples from Akira Kurosawa’s films : Seven Samurai, Ran and Kagemucha. As well as bees recordings by Rémi Coupille, music by Mark Hollis, screams from the Art ensemble of Chicago, ceramics by Nadège Richard and the voice of Alain Lacroix. Special thanks to Céline Bellanger.

Program in Ogg vorbis / in Mp3

For more about David Bouvard, visit & la compagnie

Show 159: Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) by Bernhard Schreiner

Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) by Bernhard Schreiner is based on a sound art piece performed live at Pudel Club Hamburg in June 2007, edited for radiator x/radia art radio network in 2008.

The alternative title in brackets relates to the fact that the two channel piece is kind of special in so far as Schreiner’s sound performances and sculptures are usually four channel pieces.

Bernhard Schreiner (* 1971, A) works with film, video and sound. Exploring the materiality of his media, he is creating visual noise/music from 16mm film and builiding sculptural assemblage as well as whole environments based on sound.
From 1991 to 1998 Schreiner studied at the Staedelschule Academy Frankfurt am Main (Peter Kubelka). In addition to his own artistic work he is regularly curating projects in the fields of experimental film and sound art, a. o. the Environmental Sound Matter series for Steirischer Herbst & musikprotokoll Graz 2007 and 2008. In 2004, he founded the sound art label feld records (
His films are distributed by independent media art distributions like sixpackfilm (; for more info see also the Austrian Independent Film and Video Database (
Currently he lives in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (Germany).

This show was created for radiator x (radio art @ radio x frankfurt am main in coop. with radia art radio network), ed. Verena Kuni.
For more info see: and

Show 158: a pilgrimage through innuit country by Ralf Wendt

a pilgrimage through innuit country

made by Ralf Wendt after a journey together with the performance-group The wolf and the winter

The Wolves is an international pack of artists working in performance and live art. The Wolves will perform with guests, individually and together, using improvisation and rehearsed events.
This truly international group of artists are Denys Blacker (UK, Spain and Thailand), Brian Catling (UK), Anet van de Elzen (Netherlands), Kirsten Norrie (Scotland), Ralf Wendt (Germany) and Aaron Williamson (UK) with guest Jessie Kleeman (Greenland) and Jason Lim (Singapore).
The Wolves were foundered in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the home town of Hieronymus Bosch, in the winter of 2001 in response to the growing technical language and process of performance. As a result, their performances reduce this language by presenting only a performer, a light and a number of props as well as a savage desire to create atmosphere and tension. The artists’ shared interest in the mutation of mundane daily occurrences into structured performances is the cohesive force of the group, with each artist bringing their own individual interpretations and cultural perspectives to their collective performances.

The Wolves have performed in Holland, Germany, Spain, Scotland and Greenland Every time they perform they invite guest wolves to join the main pack. This soundwork includes texts of the -inviting- guest in greenland Jessie Kleemann