Show 148: by Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge

In Radia 148, you’re going to jump from one recording to another that were made simultaneously at about 1000 kilometers away. It was October the 28th, 2007, from 9 to 9:20 pm CET.
In a studio in Marseille, Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge (with engineer Sébastien Géli) played a few songs.
In a chapel in Brussels, an audience could hear them through the PA and the radio.

This is what almost happened but at the beginning it didn’t properly work. So Brussels and the world were waiting, filling unwillingly the blank. Meanwhile in Marseille, the artists wouldn’t care, they would just speak and play.

Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge until recently hosted a monthly show on Radio Grenouille, ‘le Son du mois’ (the Sound of the month): a kind of news magazine made live with jokes, songs and gossip. They also play their songs in gigs and records as Tante Hortense and run the smart label Les Disques Bien.
Radia 148 is produced by Etienne Noiseau. It was intended to Radioactive Radiophony, a 4-hour show by the Radia network in the Radiophonic festival.

Show 147: radioradar_x by Marold Langer-Philippsen

radioradar_x is a radia-production by Radioerevan at Radio CORAX

radioradar_x is a relay from some field recordings of reality, instruments, voices and a little story about st. lucia in wonderland – mixed and told by radioerevan in january 2008.

author is the radio- and performance-artist Marold Langer-Philippsen from Radio CORAX, also working in the field of theatre- living in Berlin.

Language: English, German

Show 146: The Dispatcher: Carrying Green by Kristin Lucas

“The Dispatcher: Carrying Green” is a political satire and comedy set in the near future by Kristin Lucas. New York City is nicknamed The Big Orange after decades of relentless government-issued orange alert status. The play chronicles the day-to-day engagements of a radio dispatcher for hire (private contractor of the airwaves). Among dispatch clientele are a neighborhood vigilante patrol of canine-identified humans formed out of a therapeutic support group. They call themselves the Sniff Squad. Commissioned by 6th Werkleitz Biennale taking place September 1 – 5, 2004 in Halle (Salle), Germany for this year’s festival theme Common Property. Written and directed by Kristin Lucas. Sound recording by Tom Roe at free103point9 studio in Brooklyn, New York. Animals of the Bible of San Antonio and Zom Zoms of Austin provided the music. Cast includes Theodore Bouloukos, Edward Campbell, Lori Fine, Erzen Krupka, Kelly McNeill, Jens Rasmussen, Wendy Levy, and Celestina Wolcolo. Kristin Lucas received her BFA from Cooper Union in New York in 1994. She has been screening and exhibiting work in the US and abroad since 1996. Her sci-fi distopias and conspiracy theories balance seriousness with humor, and have resulted in video, internet, sculpture, performance, text, and installation works. Lucas’s works are represented by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and Postmasters Gallery in New York. Lucas taught performance and video art at University of Texas in Austin in Spring ’04. She currently resides in the Bay Area where she is pursuing a Masters degree at Stanford University.
Language: English
Topics: Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure, Information & Media
Additional keywords: radio theater, radio play, radio art, transmission art

Show 145: RetroSonoGrafia II

Second part of the RetroSonoGrafia series. This time aimed at programs created, organized and supported by LemurieT.A.Z. during the year 2007.

The break of the year always tends to force people into evaluating past. This program is a result of Lemurie looking at the last year recordings and trying to get something new from them.
What you’re about to here in this show is a non-commented mix of most of the programs Lemurie produced, organised and initiated during the last year. Included are excerpts from regular radio jams [AUDIO BloKs], samples from Share events Lemurie co-organized and recordings from workshops [such as pirate-radio workshop we did in Bratislava]..
Thanks to everyone who participated and collaborated in 2007.

Special: 3 JOURNEYS THROUGH RADIA, JOURNEY 3 by Etienne Noiseau

Kunstradio asked Etienne Noiseau from the crew of Radio Grenouille in Marseille for a selection of recent pieces from Radia. He replied with a three-show series that would include the best pieces (to his opinion) of all the Radia stations during the 2006-2007 period. With Floriane Pochon who is the presenter of the weekly Radia show on Radio Grenouille, they selected fourteen pieces, i.e. one piece per Radia station during the period.

Then Etienne selected one relevant excerpt per piece. He based his choice only on sound affinities and combined all the excerpts one another into three pieces so as to form “3 journeys through Radia”.


Third and last path in the universe of Radia, mapping so many roads, opening all sources,,
Possibly, as if we could rely on the fixed-point theorem to solve a non-linear, partial, differential equation.

Third and last time,
Possibly, as if, by the sound of it, form could only be the content led to the surface,,
Possibly, as we were floundering down the mud of melted mirages,,

Third exile,
Possibly, as if electronic fears could mine the wasteland of bucolic daydreams.

Third excavation,
Possibly, as if speeches that do not bleed could prevent sense from circulating.
Possibly, as if we could brush past these sounds that are impossible to fossilize.

Third migration, within minutes, for the last seasonal influx,
Possibly, as if we could attempt to catch a fleeing hope and sew up the sky in a sigh, flapping of an eyelash.


PIECE: Eniac Nomoi (show #108)
ARTIST: Joulia Strauss and Martin Carlé
RADIO:, Berlin

PIECE:: ma[Marseille] (show #90)
ARTIST: François Parra
GENRE: elektroakustische Komposition
RADIO: Radio Grenouille, Marseille

PIECE: Da Nubian Electronix (show #121)
ARTIST: Mike Rosoft (aka Attila Kenyeres)
GENRE: Soundscape
RADIO: Tilos Radio, Budapest

PIECE: From men and birds (show #112)
ARTIST: Ralf Wendt
GENRE: Hörspiel
RADIO: Radio Corax, Halle

PIECE: Sul Suono (show #106)
ARTIST: every kid on speed with Enrico Glerean
GENRE: Radio-Mix
RADIO: Kanal 103, Skopje