Show 139: return to sender by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan

Dub or instrumental version of a creation for the radiophonic festival in brussels, oct 07 by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan.

“The musical part of “hommage:parodie” can be heard on it’s own, without the french texts I wrote for it. The full version will be available soon on the site, with french words and the live electronics of Patrick Thinsy.The names and sentences heard are recorded voices of friends reading names and objects of the many spams I receive.”

Show 138: Soundrawing by elffriede

elffriede, a vienna-based visual artist, has sent drawings to 34 musicians in different countries all over the world and invited them to compose 2-minutes sound-pieces inspired by the drawing. the artists worked with various instruments (computer, field recordings, electroacoustic instruments, violin, saxophone, voice, typewriter and others) and thus the styles of the sound pieces are miscellaneous.
these 34 pieces are now published on the CD ‘soundrawing’ on together with a booklet, which elffriede produced in cooperation with knust/extrapool (nijmegen).

to view the drawings see (scroll down)

as second part of the interdisciplinary dialogue elffriede is now working on internet animations of her drawings in relation to the sounds. the first sound-drawing-animation can be found at:

this radia show presents the following sound pieces:

robot mein / jörg piringer
vungbo / verena brückner, florian kmet
blobb / arno splinks
ping-pong / hannes raffaseder
zeitverstreichquartett / nikolaus gansterer
lines of breath / murmer
ironing / incite / kera nagel, andré aspelmeier
melting dumpling / maksims shentelevs
remember grrr / edda strobl
per_e / billy roisz
kloster melk / sergej mohntau (jürgen berlakovich, thomas pfeffer)
glasrausch / ara (arno raffeiner)
i come from texas / audun eriksen
fragment 01 / bernadette reiter

Show 137: home made radio telescope

In early October, artists Jem Finer and Ansuman Biswas visited Dartington College of Arts as part of the Arts and Ecology MA. In collabortation with Soundart Radio a home made radio telescope was constructed with a receiving device tuned to 20.1 mhz, allowing us to pick up radiation from storms on Jupiter. These recordings were all made between 6 and 9 pm on 4th October as we stood out under the stars waiting and listening, and includes interviews with Jem Finer.

Show 136: This program can by John Deneuve

This program carried by the highest authorities is a program specially created for you.
Conceived in close collaboration with the NASA, this programs marries technology and revolution.
Laika the she-dog taken into the cosmos by Sputnik came back with plenty of precious information and thus helped our team to design a leader program non-polluting and bioethics friendly.

Among other things, John Deneuve produces ‘sound cuisine’ for, plays in duet Vulvinia and Jambonstar and hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Grenouille: Educational programme for Youth.

Artist’s website: