Show 135: RADIORADAR_1 by Marold Langer-Philippsen

RADIORADAR_1 is a relay from expanded field recordings of radio, reality and recollection mixed by radioerevan in october 2007.


Radiotelescope RATAN-600 on Jupiter

Zolotu “Moscow: Pure Field Recording”
Kim Cascone “The Silver Star”
Antanas Jasenka & Skaidra Jancaite “9 Sanariai”
Kim Cascone “Ocean Overhead”
Kim Cascone “Brown Fox”

also: different bells from Japan, singing tibetan monks, sounds from chinese and mongolian tv

author is the radio- and performance-artist Marold Langer-Philippsen from Radio CORAX, also working in the field of theatre- living in Berlin

Special: Radioactive Radiophony (live)

From New York to Lisbon, the radio stations of the creative network RADIA will make a live broadcast of the performances taking place at the festival’s venue. The contributions from abroad will be «contaminated» by artists on stage, in Brussels. This collective performance in real-time will be introduced by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (Resonance104.4fm, Mobile Radio), Pierre De Jaeger (acsr, Radio swap, Radio Campus), Etienne Noiseau (acsr, Radio Grenouille), Ricardo Reis (Radio Zero) and DinahBird.

With stream from: Rádio Zero (Lisbon, PT), Radio Corax (Halle, DE), Radio Grenouille (Marseille, FR), Lemurie TAZ (Praha, CZ), Backyard Radio (Berlin, DE), Resonance104.4fm (London, UK), free103point9 (New York, US).

And live at the chapel: Anton Aeki for Radio Campus (Brussels), La brocante sonore (Alain Bolle, Anthony Carcone, Jacques Foschia, Cyrille Flament and Marc Reijmenants), Radiopinzani for Radio Panik (Brussels), Tonic Train is the name of the duo of Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington.

The audio archive and more information can be found here.

The show is broadcast by:

Radio Panik (105.4FM – Brussels)
O.S.R. (101,6FM – Soignies, BE)
Radio Grenouille (88.8FM – Marseille, FR)
Radio Corax (95.9FM – Halle, DE)
Resonance FM (104.4FM – Londres, UK)
Radio Campus (107.2FM – Bruxelles, BE)
SounDart Radio (87.7FM – Dartington, UK)
Lemurie TAZ (Praha, CZ)
Radio Zero (Lisbon, PT)
free103point9 (New York, US)
Kunstradio – Ö1 (NATIONAL, AUSTRIA)
Berlin Backyard Radio (Berlin, DE)

Show 134: Radio 4×4

Three examples of free103point9’s Radio 4×4, where four performers play into four FM transmitters heard through radio receivers.

Excerpts of performances from Gabriel Burian-Mohr + David Matorin + David Galbraith + Andrew Neumann at Art in General in New York, Tianna Kennedy + Ben Owen + Michelle Nagai + Todd Merrell at Guggenheim Museum, and Tom Roe + Steve Boyle + Angel Neveraz + Valerie Tevere at Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.

Show 133: Share TAZ

Share TAZ is a czech part of project SHARE.DJ and this radio show is paradocument about it and was recorded during share-workshop on ULTRAHANG festival Budapest.

The Share Taz show is a series of sound recordings and sound notes Lemurie team gathered during the Share Workshop in Budapest in March 2007… this show does not intend to be a document nor it tries to be informative – it is only an attempt to grasp the feeling into a short-time piece.

Show 132: from Tilos Radio

a classroom without walls experiment with second year Communications BA students in Budapest featuring great thinkers and artists of the global village.

Featuring excerpts from interviews with, lectures and performances of Marshall McLuhan, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg and welsh poet Peter Finch, with a lively “new media treatment”, music and sound recordings of students

Show 131: la femme sans visage

fiction radiophonique et onirique en quatre langues (allemand, français, anglais, italien)/dreamlike radio fiction in four languages (french, english, german, italian)

écrit par/written by Clément Laloy
avec les voix de/withe the voices of:
Nathalie Rjewsky
Marie Bos
Regina Roher
Roberta Miss

bruits/noises: Christophe Piette

réalisé par/directed by Clément Laloy & Pierre De Jaeger

produit par/produced by l’atelier de création sonore et radiophonique
proposée par/proposed by radio campus bruxelles