Show 125: Point Radiant by Radio Free Robots

Radio Free Robots transmits from an uncertain future and Point Radiant is a reception in packets which we can’t clearly understand before we can sort them. Point Radiant is the accidental recording of a field of crossed and untidy transmissions, all coming from the same place but emitted at various moments. All of this looks like rough information, like an alternate logic that seems to be intended to us (those robots speak our languages). No matter the time we’ll need to comprehend, our simply human ears can decide for the moment that it’s only music.

For its 10th contribution to Radia, Grenouille asked Radio Free Robots, a collective of robots who live robot adventures in an “uncertain future”, make radio shows for robots in which they discuss robot issues. Radio Free Robots also produced shows and pieces for Epsilonia (Radio Libertaire), Radio Day festival in Amsterdam, performed live in Le Placard and Cannibal Caniche festivals, on Taxi Blind and Radio 404 webradios, made installations in City Sonics in Mons, Belgium, and Visual Arts Center in Hong Kong.

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