Show 115: BriefVision by Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

BriefVision is the acoustic output of Lale Rodgarkia-Dara ‘s residency in St.Petersburg, Russia, at the art centre Pushkinskaya 10.

“During my stay I construct one shortfilm every two to three weeks. They are small letters from St.Petersburg and Vienna; a construction and product of rewriting St.Petersburg and the life in Vienna, I miss during the six months residency.”

BriefVision (Brief=letter in German) and PismoVidenie in the German and Russian meaning are the antithesis to TeleVision. Though, a letter itself can be read and is mostly read several times. A letter refers to a different reception of repetition, slowness, and even solitude.

The acoustic track of these small prose-shortfilms is representing the Viennese life. This audiopart is presented in a soundinstallation at the artcentre Pushkinskaya 10 at St.Petersburg.
Whereas the video track, representing the rewritten city of St.Petersburg, is shown at a video-installation in Vienna at the Museumsquartier (0-port).

The full lenght films of BriefVision can only be seen on the virtual bridge between these two European cities, the internet (click on the TV-set on and choose a channel).

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