Show 097: Apocalypso – The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra’s Army

Apocalypso: The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra’s Army of Athropodial Transistors.

Peter Dennet, (UK), Darius James (USA/DE), Karl Heinz Jeron (DE)

When the composer and mystic, Sun Ra, returned to his native Saturn on May 30th, 1993, he left behind a vast and varied body of recorded musical works. Up until now, much of this music has been unavailable to the public. But, through a series of séances conducted in the studios of Radio 1:1, Mister Re informed us that on Sunday, July 30th, 2006, between the hours of 4-6 pm, he will be returning to this planet in astral form with a special message for the people of earth. And he will not be alone. He will be accompanied by his army of Athroploidal Transistors:

“We are going to invade Berlin!!!” he chuckled, “This is declaration
of war! Kreig, baby! Our first target is the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz!
My weapons?!! Two full hours of sonic assault—or acoustical magic–taken from my vast library of unreleased recordings. I and my Transistors will dance the cosmic dance. The cosmic WAR dance. It’s the Apocalypso!

–A direct spirit communication from Sun Ra on Saturn

Peter Dennet, Art Yard (UK) is sound artist based in London.
Darius James (USA/DE) is a writer and radio maker in Berlin.
Karl Heinz Jeron (DE) is an artist and programmer in Berlin.

Radio Vehicles:
The working environment of the radio vehicles is the urban public
space. Radio vehicles is an ephemeral urban intervention aiming to usurp urban space artistically. Twenty vehicles created from the
simplest and most affordable technical equipment will be let free into the wild. The swarm moves awkwardly while emitting sound into the public space.

Aliens Am Alex:
a radio.territories urban intervention that took place in Berlin in the short hot summer of 2006 at the TV tower….

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