Show 094: The Devil and Mr. O

The Devil and Mr. O – Revolt of the Worms

A classic of American broadcasting with reknown sound effects for horrific programs! Oboler lost no time establishing himself as the new master of the macabre after taking over Cooper’s Lights Out series. Between May 1936 and July 1938, he wrote and directed more than 100 Lights Out plays. To follow Cooper was a challenge: he was “the unsung pioneer of radio dramatic techniques,” but Oboler had passed the test with his first play. His own name soon became synonymous with murder and gore, though horror as a genre had always left him cold. Oboler aspired to more serious writing.

Oboler’s shows are well represented — this series of Lights Out was syndicated in The Devil and Mr. O offerings of 1970 – 73. A transcribed syndication of original broadcasts from 1942 – 43 with Arch Oboler as the host.

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