Show 083: assembly line story

What kind of space is build by mixed references and what story can be build with them?

This lie that I bring you is a deception on senses. Like hidden small children hitting keys on a loose keyboard behind a curtain in front of an intelectual assistance. Well, what kind of “great art” do they perceive? Another way to put it is to go to a party and jump around conversations. Call it collage, call it pastiche but also composing and directing. It’s all about this: cut this bit here and join it there and present it through this very small door opening. What does it mean? The answer is, off course, between each pair of ears.

Show 082: wordgames

Radio Campus and Constant vzw ( present Wordgames, a rough radio mix.

featuring voices (Marijs Boulogne and An Mertens) recorded in the context of VebindingenJonctions 9
and music by Plochingen, Overthruster (2OKbps records) ( and Indu Mezu (20Kbps ecords)(

Show 081: just put some glue on it!

conference of the project radio.territories: interventions in urban space, vienna september 14th-17th 2006
based on recordings during the -media-space-society- conference and the audio-performance of reni hofmüller’s polyphonic orchestra, a small variation of memories and snipplets are cut up and newly arranged with some audio-glue.
pre-cut ernst reitermaier
production lale rodgarkia-dara