Special: Time Labs (live)

A radio collection, simulcast live on radio stations across 9 countries on the 15th September 2006 from 19:00 – 20:00 Central European Summer Time.

The show appears on the frequencies and webstreams of the following radio projects:

free103point9 – New York
Orange 94.0 – Vienna
Lemurie – Prague
Radio Campus – Brussels (TBC)
Radio Grenouille – Marseille
Radio Zero – Lisbon
Resonance104.4fm – London
Tilos Radio – Budapest
Tlis – Bratislava

Time Labs is a radio show that celebrates the EU Culture 2000 project ‘radio.territories’. Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann present this microscopic spectacle of radio art live at the radio.territories final conference *media – space – society* in Vienna hosted by Orange 94.0.

The show features one minute works produced by more than 40 artists, highlights of the work that developed from the radio.territories project and micro-appearances in the studio from representatives of the contributing radio stations. Additional live mixing and distortions by Dieb 13.

Participating artists:

A Smith, UK – Bookmark
Adrian Shaw, UK – Shed
Alexander Wendt, UK – Wed
Audiowallpaper with Caro Hofer, Czech Republic – o94
Bartek Kujawski, Poland – x?¸6ipart-mixe
Bruno Pisek, Austria – WIRSPRECHENZUEUCH
Chester Bentley, UK – 17 Second Song
Diana McCarty, Germany – LIVE
Dieb 13, Austria – Live treatments
Ed Baxter, UK – Whahyersay
Elisabeth Eriksson, Sweden – Slefekarns Vals
Etienne Noiseau, France – petanque1 / petanque2 / tete a lenvers
Foofoofoo, Spain – grenouille foofoofoo
Frau Kraushaar, Germany – du kannst mir sehr gefallen / plingplong
gnd, Slovakia – sickkiss2_final
Hamster Dragster, UK – 1537
Harry Middleton, UK – Lion Lion
Herbert Gnauer, Orange 94.0 – Vienna
Jacques Foschia, brocante sonore, Belgium – N°1 / N°4 / poupée gonflable
Knut Aufermann, Hungary – Media art is dying
Krzysztof Topolski, Poland – dana dana da !
Little Sparta and Gerry Mitchell, UK – Fairy Lights
Maki, France – Ophélie, featuring Muriel Blanchard
Martin Williams, UK – Erm
Milos Vojtechovsky, Czech Republic – breath
Not-a-bird, France – 1shot
Pedro Lopes, Portugal – Expression#1
Pit Schultz, Germany – LIVE
Sarah Washington, Hungary – Electric Tag
Sexton Ming, UK – Tired Old Dog
Smack Miranda, UK – Radio Pigeon
the Beige Channel, USA – Gravity Problem No3
The Real Ricardo Reis, Portugal – quadrilha / invio
Tiago Bruno Mesquita Carvalho, Portugal – LIVE
Tim Girven, UK – OMAG / OMBA / OMEG
Todd Merrell, USA – 800 Hurts me
Vero Mota, Germany – BERLIN MP3
Wolfgang Kemptner, Germany – 2feuerwehrautos-1
Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Sweden – tangonight
Ye Text Blender, UK – Forget Your Toothbrush

Produced by Mobile Radio: mobile-radio.net