Show 059: from Radio Cult

Hello… this is Not That Kyd from Radio Cult and you are listening to Radia Emission number 59. Renee Sills sometimes performs under the moniker Miss Matches. She took on the courageous task of creating one full radia lenght piece and it turned out greater than the great Canadian Mountains. The piece goes up and down with ever changing landscape like the jagged mountains do too. For any of you who have never been to Montreal, well this show also look at lot like there.
The samples in Renees mix come from a billion local and not so local artists… Charles Stankievitch, Frieda Abtan, Lateef, Serviceworks, Josh Ivy, some children and way more. Renee’s mashup style is always present both in her audio and video works. She is interested in exploring the possibilities available for sharing within a radio network and this is apparent sonically throught this piece. Again this is Renee Sills. She’s from Colorado, she lives in Montreal, she owns an accordeon and she want to visit Bulgaria.